Are You a Dangerous Driver?

You have your driver's license but does that make you a good driver? You've driven for more than 20 years and have never had an accident. Can you then claim to be a better driver? You might have just been lucky. Why is this a big issue? The figures show that more than a million people are killed worldwide due to road accidents. If that were to happen in a country like Costa Rica, in about five years, the country will be empty.

Go through these questions and see if you could answer truthfully:

You drop your phone whilst driving what do you do?

After going through the Drive-thru of a fast food restaurant do you wait to park before eating?

Do you always wear your sit belt and ensure all passengers to do the same?

Have you ever talk on the phone while driving?

Can you reverse your car using only the side mirrors?

Do you constantly change lanes hoping to get to your destination faster?

Do you light up a cigarette while you drive?

Do you regularly check your tire pressure?

Do you know what a dead angle is?

How loud do you listen to music in your car?

Do you check your headlights (the two) regularly or do you think you can get by safely with one?

Would you drive your car with worn tires just because you can't afford new ones?

Have you ever raised the middle finger to another driver?

Have you ever suddenly accelerated in anger because of a dispute with someone riding in the car with you?

Have you ever driven bumper to bumper in order to urge the driver in front of you to get out of the way?

Have you ever driven over the legal speed limit?

Have you ever overtaken a car just because you have a faster car regardless of the speed limit?

Do you know where the emergency tire is located in your car?

Can you change a punctured tire?

Do you think holding the steering wheel with one hand is cool?

Have you ever taken out an object from the glove compartment whilst driving?

Have you ever been able to drive from point A to B without using your car horns?

How many times have you taken to the roads even though you were very tired?

The likelihood of failing in one or more of these questions is high. If you pass all questions, you are probably just lying to yourself. You will realize that there is always something you might need to improve to make you an even better driver. Driving is fun but at the same time it can be deadly. No matter how much experience you might have gained over the years, there is always a reason to improve your safety record. An accident can easily happen just because of a few seconds of distraction. You don't want to spend the rest of your life regretting a few moment of carelessness. Some are not even fortunate to regret it. They never live to tell the tale.