Our food supply these days is loaded with extras to make the food stay fresher longer. It also contains plenty of industrial chemicals put in to keep the color and flavor so your eyes think it looks good. But it's not; especially if you're trying to lose weight.

Although fast food joints have a "healthy" menu the amount of additives and chemicals they put in the food actually makes you gain weight. The salads and fruit cups they offer are often loaded with chemical preservative to keep it fresh. They also add fructose, gluten, soy, and many other ingredients to "stretch the food"; something like hamburger helper.

Taking advantage of the "Healthy" menu at fast food places can easily sabotage your diet such as the salad dressing for the healthy salad. It's loaded with fructose and trans-fat oils that can destroy your weight loss program, with just one salad.

The fruit salads have so much preservative added to them to keep them fresh that they don't even taste like fruit anymore. Not to mention what the preservatives do to your body. So what do you do when you get that craving for junk food?

Stay away from the deep fried or breaded produces and if you try the healthy menu be sure they don't have any additives in them. Another way to eat is to stop at a grocery store ore fast food mart like 7-11 and get some fresh fruit or vegetables. Eating them raw will help boost your metabolism to help burn the fat.

If you must have junk food, try to eat half of it instead of eating the whole order or order the kid's meal. Your body still requires protein, fats, and carbohydrates but one order can have as many as 2000 calories in it and that enough for the whole day. By eating half you won't be putting as many calories in your body.

Other quick foods to stay away from are: Fruit Juices: they contain fructose and sugars and very little natural juices. Remember – if they can sit on an unrefrigerated shelf for 2 months there's very little natural juices in them. Although juices can provide you with vitamins and mineral, they contain very little fiber. You need fiber so your body will work at digesting. Digesting boosts your metabolism and that what help burn the fat. Try fresh fruit or a smoothie for a quick boost.

Canned Foods: canned foods are loaded with sodium, sugars and trans-fats, the very things that put the bulge in "fighting the bulge". The high sodium contents cause water retention, increase heart eat rate and makes you feel bloated. Water retention can add as much as 5 pounds a day to your weight. So read the labels before you buy.

Frozen Dinners: are the very worst foods you can put in your body. Loaded with chemicals to preserve the taste, color, and freshness, frozen dinners are loaded with sodium, trans-fats, and additives such as soy, gluten, grains, and various other products to enhance their taste. Try to use the natural source to keep the weight off those hips.