Babies Names And Meanings May Help With Your Decision

Review The Top 100 Baby Girl Names And Baby Boy Names

This Important Decision Should Not Be Made In The Delivery Room

 The first few minutes after your first childs birth, before that little bundle is placed in your arms the first time and while you are advising your husband in no uncertain terms that there will be separate bedrooms in your home from now on is probably not the best time to decide what to name your defenseless child or to be thinking of a lot of unique girl names or browsing through a list of baby names and meanings.

 You may just for a moment or two decide that you should give her or him a name that will remind you for many years to come just how much pain the yput you through even though they really did not make this decision. But then after that little thing is washed, dried, vacuumed, printed and brought to you, you might be overcome with emotion as you realize that you have just taken part in possibly the greatest miracle of all, giving life to a new human being. You may be so confused a few minutes later when the hospital aid is standing by your side and demanding to know what you will name this new being because of course the paper work must be completed in a timely manner.

 Your husband may be unable to help with the decision because he is probably still cowering in the waiting room wondering why he is taking all the blame for your discomfort. Later in life you will realize that among the most important tasks that expectant parents must undertake is to decide early what to name their new child.

 Don't Allow Fear Or Indecision To Affect Your Judgment


 If you consider for a moment how important this decision is you may actually be frightened of the task. That name will identify your child and could actually be a factor in many of the events he or she will experience throughout their life. Certainly any name chosen for a girl needs to be given more thought than a name for a boy. A male child might endure the burden of a carelessly chosen name easier than a girl.

 A young boy punching a smart alec bully because he made fun of his given name might be congratulated for his spirit in defending his honor. A young girl reacting in the same manner might be chastised for being unladylike.

 The lesson to be learned here is that deciding what to name a child should be decided long before the actual birth. If the sex of the child in not known before birth, an unusual occurrence in today's modern medical world, than two names should be ready for the occasion.

 One of the benefits of making choices early is that family members and friends can join in the fun. Grandparents, aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters will be more than happy to add their advice. Once a decision is made you would have several months to try out the name and make sure it wears well on you. A decision made in desperation in the delivery room may trouble you for many years.

 Some Early Research Is Always Helpful


 There are many ways to research potential names. A search of the internet will allow you to peruse the top 100 baby girl names or the top 100 baby boy names. You may decide to research the babies names and meanings that have been given over the centuries. In early generations a name might be an indication of ones place in the family. For many years it was accepted that the first boy child would be named after the father. The downside of this practice is that the child will have to endure being called "Junior" for most of his teen and young adult life.

 Perhaps in desperation a child might find that they were named after a day of the week or a month signifying the time of birth. In some cultures you would be given a baby name to get your start in life and then receive an adult name as you grew into it. In America names are given rather informally while in some cultures a persons name may bear legal status. In those situations the question, “Whats in a name”, could mean serious implications.

 Parents should remember that the naming process is not about them. It is about the child who will have to live with the given name. Resist the temptation to use too much of your creative expression when choosing your child's name. She or he will have to wear it for their entire life. Choosing a name because it is popular today or the name of some popular person of the age may not sound so pleasant in later years. Especially if that famous person suddenly becomes not so famous.

 Sometimes Traditional Names Are The Best Choice


 It has been rather an unfortunate circumstance that in many circumstances boys were given traditional or conservative names while girls often reflected the results of the parents imagination. If you study the history of the top 100 baby boy names and top 100 baby girl names you might notice that male names tend to remain in these lists to a much greater degree than girls names.

 An interesting contrast can be found in names chosen by Hispanic and Asian immigrants. While Hispanic communities tend to prefer their traditional names Asian immigrants seem to be happy adopting American names.

 The old saw that “The more things change the more they stay the same”, might apply to naming traditions. It appears that even with all the creative effort given to naming children the 100 top name lists tend to shift back to old traditional names from time to time.

 Giving your child a common name could make life easier for them. When ever they are part of a group their name will not draw attention and maybe cause them to be chosen for disagreeable tasks more than a person with a common name. They will go through life not having to explain how it was that their parents chose that particular unusual name.

 You can offer your child one of the best gifts in life by giving them an enduring name they can live with. Especially with girls, spending too much time searching through unique girl names in an attempt to find something unusual or less traditional could cause them great harm and in later years cause them hold a grudge against you for the choice you thought was so special at the time.