Are you a Plus size Girl? Do you stand in front of the closet, and just stare? Or have you noticed how many baggy outfits you actually own. So you yawn, and grab that same style baggy shirt you wore yesterday, that you can sort of hide in, and get dressed.

If someone invited you to a gala on Friday, would you be able to pull an outfit together?

Well, if you answered no, to the above questions, then it is time to go shopping. It is time to quit beating yourself up, because you don't fit into those size 2 fashions that you see at the fashions shows and on mall manikins.

Many, actually 65% of North American women are plus size. Some are lean and tall and are still considered a larger girl because of their body balance. Plus size is considered size 14 and up. We all don't fit into that mold of the fashion show size 2. But for years, many young girls try to do just that. Body image has become such an intense occupation for many young girls.

But now that larger models Nancy Hayssen and Crystal Renn have fought back, when it came to the health of their body, designers have begun to design some pretty cool designs for ALL sizes.

All you can do, at the end of the day, is take care of the body you were born with, and feed it the right food and get exercise. Then you need to also take care of your self image and your self esteem, and buying baggy unflattering clothes is not the way to feel good.

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Enjoy Shopping Again

Many of my friends that are larger curvy girls, punish themselves, by not wearing nicer clothes, hoping to "lose that weight" then buy a whole wardrobe when they are skinny, so what if you never do lose that weight, or you take awhile doing that? What if you are naturally big in the hip? Does this mean you don't get to treat yourself now?

We have to feel good about ourselves, to portray a good impression to others. So, when you are thinking about just throwing on those baggy old sweat pants, because it is easier, maybe think again, you will not walk as tall and you will tend to slouch, because you really don't feel good about your outfit.

Take yourself out shopping either to the stores or online. This year the styles and the fashions for the larger curvy girl are really being promoted. Many retailers that did not carry much in the plus size, are wanting to improve their bottom line, and have introduced more fashions for all sizes now instead of just those under size 14.

More and more larger fashions for the teenagers are showing up as well. Teenagers love to shop, and why not? They are making extra money at part time jobs, and want to look nice. But many plus size teenagers, would not go near a store. But the larger curvy models are slowly changing the attitudes, and retailers are stocking more plus size fashions.

After all, if 65% of women in North America are plus size, why wouldn't the retail store listen? The last time I went shopping for something to wear to a wedding, I was surprised at how many great larger sized styles were out there. Clothes that fit and made you feel good, no more baggy shirts!. Plus lots of accessories to make an outfit fun, and make you feel like having fun!

So get ready to empty your wallet this year, as you are not going to stop at one great outfit! Many of these retail and specialty shops have trained personnel that can help you find something to wear. That is something that many girls fear, what do you wear?

Well take your friends and get out and shop and ask questions. Live outside the box a little and try on something new! It might just make you feel like a million bucks!

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