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Are you afraid of spiders: Spider Catcher

Are you afraid of spiders, then you might be wishing spiders will disappear into oblivion just like the dinosaurs did. You will not be alone when it comes to being afraid of spiders. Millions of people are afraid of spiders. That is also why there is a word for it, arachnophobia.

If you are afraid of spiders, you have every reason to be afraid because some spiders can be really deadly. That being said, the little spiders you find around the house will not kill you. You might die out of fear rather than because of being bitten by a deadly spider. Fear of spider can be a disability if you panic and lose control.

Did you know that spiders can be quite good for the house if you were not afraid of them? For example, spiders can help catch insects and other flying creepy crawlies that make their way into the spider web. It is like getting a free spider catcher without paying for it.

On the down side, spider web can also make your house look like an abandon 18th century house. You will feel the need to clean out the web with the full knowledge that the spiders will come back and build another. That is why you might need the spider catcher.

Afraid of spiders and spider catcher

If you have tried to kill a spider and you are afraid, you can testify to the adrenaline rush you get. You will also be surprised by the speed at which spiders can move. Spider catcher is an ideal gift idea for those who might be afraid of spiders.

The spider catcher will let you catch the spider if you don't want to kill it. You can then decide to release the beast outside or to send it to the other world. The spider catcher cost about $15 and comes with a handle that will allow you to keep a safe distance from the spider

Spider catcher when you are not afraid of spiders

Not everyone is afraid of spiders. There are those who are fascinated by spiders. The spider catcher can be a handy tool that will allow those who want to catch spiders to do just that. Because the spider catcher doesn't kill or squash the spiders, you could start a new hobby of collecting spiders. Of course if you are terrified of spiders, you will want to use the spider catcher as a tool to get rid of spiders.

black widow spider (26151)

Where to buy Spider catcher

You can buy spider catcher from various online retailers. You can buy the spider catcher from amazon, buy, yardlover or from other retailers in your area. If you are a bargain seeker, you can even pick up a spider catcher for as less as $10.

Spider catcher and other insects

The primary aim of the spider catcher is to get rid of spiders. However, you can still use the spider catcher to trap other insects. You get value for money using the spider catcher on other creepy crawlies in the house.

Black widow and spider catcher

If you have a black widow spider at home, you will probably need a shot gun and not a spider catcher. You will have every reason to be afraid or probably move house. The chances of actually encountering a black widow spider are rare. If you live in an area infested with black widow spiders, you need a deadly weapon than the spider catcher.