Have you been angry and did not realize it at that moment?   Are you out of control because of your anger?  Possible someone said, “Gee he is really mad.”  Possibly you were angry and didn’t know why?  Why not   recognize you are angry and acknowledge it.?   It is okay if you are angry.   The greater question is how do you handle that anger?  Have you been handling your anger in unhealthy ways?  Unhealthy ways could include drinking, drugs, lashing out at others, physical altercations with others to cause harm, or just holding the anger in.  Are you tired of living like this?  You can change?  There are many healthy alternatives.  Becoming angry is a choice.  


Admit you are angry.  Ask yourself, “Why are you angry?”  Sometimes you are angry and do not realize  it.  When you are angry, that  is your choice.  Rather than becoming angry over a situation make a choice to find a solution.  Direct  your energy towards finding a solution.   Have you noticed that if  you think about a past incident when you felt angry that you can still feel that emotion just like it happened today?

Have you ever been walking in the store behind an older person that was walking very slow?   Have you become angry or impatient because of it?   Did it occur to you that they are going as fast as they can?  Did it occur to you that  one day walk you might walk  that slow because of aging  or illness?  


Some alternatives for dealing with your anger are as follows:

Deep Breathing

Have you tried deep breathing.  Just taking a few moments and do some deep breathing.  This calms and relaxes the body.  I know this does work.


Think about it when you get angry.  Ask yourself, “What is this accomplishing when I get angry?”   “Do I have a legitimate reason for my anger?”  How can I handle this anger in a healthy or more productive way? 


Walking is just good for the body.  This is a form of exercise that is FREE.  Walking is good for the cardiovascular system and for those that want to lose weight.   Do not hesitate to get on that treadmill for one instance. Possibly you prefer jogging to walking.  [1516]


Writing is therapeutic.   Write those thoughts down.


Talking to someone who you trust about your anger issues.  Sometimes others will another perspective or may offer other alternatives to you. 

Professional Help

If your anger issues have caused you to become out of control, there is no shame in getting professional help.  So often I have heard of people becoming violent because of anger issues and getting sentenced to jail.  Then  there are times the judge will order anger management classes.  How do you handle your anger?