Phishing Exposed


Just as I was writing this article I received another email scam  about an ATM International Credit Settlement.  A woman from  Ghana is claiming  her late husband deposited $4,800,000.00 in a company in USA. She is dying of cancer and only has 3 months to live.  She is donating the funds to charity, because her deceased husband’s relative’s are not trustworthy.   She is waiting my reply for her attorney to draw up the paper work naming me as beneficiary to her money.    Now I know nothing about this woman.   I think this is unbelievable.   Just another scam to get my personal information and possibly steal my identity as well.   

I have received the “Life is Beautiful “ email which is a hoax and  carried a virus with it.  The virus infected the files on my computer.   This virus attacked my email list as well.   When you open it, you will read all these nice sayings and think how cute.  This was a forwarded email to me.   So  when you receive forwarded emails,  you might not want to open them.  I now think twice before opening a forwarded email.    When I received something that sounds unbelievable,  I will check and see if it discussed about   at Hoax-Slayer.  I like that Hoax-Slayer receives updates  often too.

Many Nigerian scams are usually claiming that you are some type of beneficiary.  Also they claim you will need to pay a certain amount of fees before you  receive  the thousands of dollars.  They ultimately want to gain access to your bank account or to steal your identity.

Recently a friend approached me and told me she received my message about “Beautiful.”  I told her I was glad to see her,  but  I had not sent her anything about “Beautiful ”  on Face book.  She said  the message stated  it was from me.   Unfortunately, I told her it was not.   That is something that has happened on Facebook.   There are those that are hacking into others face book accounts and using their names to send  to others. 

I have received emails stating that I have won a large some of money in the lottery from another county.   That would be great if I had played the lottery.  They are saying I won something that I know I did not take part in.   Have you received an email claiming that they are holding a package in your name with a large sum of money?  This is  another way to scam you.  

As I watched MSNBC  Television one day they disclosed that many of the scammers are in another country in a one room building sending these emails out.   Some of the emails I have received indicated the scammers needed help with their grammar.   I noticed the letter “I”  was a little “i” in the conversation of the sentence.

Scam busters.Org  is another site that alerts you of various scams that are occurring daily.
 It pays to investigate. 

The U tube  “m video” carried several viruses.  I was fortunate enough when I received it  my anti-virus security alerted me to not view it.   There were several accounts on Facebook  affected by this video.   Their computers were down for days.

One Facebook scam that was circulating according to Hoax-Slayer was that you can see who viewed your profile.   This is a bogus claim to get you to visit spam survey sites and/or get personal information from you, but how many people have been gullible and susceptible to this claim?

I received an email stating they had a parcel that contained an ATM Card for $800,000.00.  I only needed to send them $260.00 for the cost of the affidavit to send the money to me.   I usually send these received  emails to so that they can investigate them.

Possibly you have received an email   stating they have a large amount of money for you, but that you need to deposit it into your account.   In fact this is an unsolicited email from someone who you know nothing about.   You do not want to deposit this.  This can cause you all sorts of problems with your bank. The scammers will say you can keep part of the money and send the other part to them which would be their commission.   In the meantime once it clears you have received  fees  for  non-sufficient funds,  plus you are out of the amount of money you sent them.  They are long gone.

Think of the countless people who have felt so guilty because they were victims of   a scam or because they were so gullible trying to get something for nothing.  It is not a good feeling. 

 Ultimately, start questioning emails or statements or claims made on Face book.  Do not take them at face value.     Search the internet   sites that talk about common hoaxes and email phishing.    [2192]


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