Impulsive Christmas shopping is a habit which plagues a lot of people during the Christmas season and it can come in a variety of complications. Some of the dilemmas which often result from impulsive Christmas shopping are spending beyond budget, buying unnecessary items and even purchasing identical items that were already bought. All of these matters present their own set of dismal outcomes which are all caused by impulsive buying during Christmas. However, it is also important to take note that although there are a lot of problems connected with impulsive Christmas shopping, some advantages are also merited to this shopping move.

Going over budget is among the primary concerns of impulsive Christmas shopping. A common scenario is to take a few small items every time you go for a Christmas shopping trip. The cost of these gifts may seem insignificant and appear harmless to your budget but they could add up over time. For instance you may only be buying items which cost less than $5 but if you buy plenty of these items, you may find yourself overspending hundreds of dollars without even realizing it. A way to avoid this dilemma is to jot down each item and the price of each gift you buy. This will help you to become aware of how these little gifts can add up and this move could restrain you from buying on impulse in the future.

Purchasing useless gifts is another factor associated with impulsive Christmas shopping. You might see a couple of small items which you fancy will make cute gifts at that time but after you buy these items you may realize they are really quite silly. When this happens you have two options; you can either return the product or have it replaced with a more meaningful gift (that is if the store allows returns) or you could just keep the item and donate it as a game prize in silly parlor game. If you choose to return the item you may find yourself pressed for time to look for a alternate gift depending on when you began shopping. If it is almost Christmas already, you may have trouble getting some thing at the last minute leaving you no choice but to give the gift you bought on an impulse to your intended recipient.

Another dilemma often related to impulsive Christmas shopping is forgetting about items you have already bought. If you purchase a lot of small items impulsively, there is a tendency to put these gifts in a safe place and then totally forget about them. When this happens you could end up purchasing extra gifts for those on your list who were supposed to receive the gifts you already bought on impulse. This again could cause you to go beyond your budget and also bring about unnecessary stress.

While there are numerous problems often associated with impulsive Christmas shopping, it is necessary to know that occasionally impulsive Christmas shopping can be a good idea. When you spot an item that you just know will make the perfect Christmas present for a friend or relative and buy the item without giving it careful thought, that exactly defines what impulsive shopping is. Nevertheless, it is also not always a bad thing. Buying a gift on a whim isn't a problem when the gift you buy is an excellent gift for the designated recipient. Impulse Christmas shopping gets to be a dilemma when it causes you to go over budget or purchase ridiculous items they would not typically buy.