Whether or not to conduct a Christmas job search with the upcoming holidays quickly approaching is something people often wonder about as the end of the year and related statutory holidays arrive. Many people believe that companies stop hiring in December and don't bother seaching for jobs during this month preferring to wait until the new year hits before resuming the job hunt.

In my experience as a recruiter, job hunting in December (and January) can be a great time to search a better job for several reasons:

1. Other people often temporarily stop job searching in December falsely believing that companies don't hire during this time. If they stop searching, there are fewer people competing for the same jobs you are.

2. Plenty of part-time and seasonal Christmas jobs open up for the holiday season typically in the retail, restaurant, catering and hospitality businesses among others. There are plenty of part-time jobs available during this time, some of which might lead to a more full-time position.

3. Companies often hire before January 1 hits due to budgetary reasons. If they don't hire this year, the budget for the hire might run out so they need to get it done before the new year hits. I know people who have received job offers on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. A friend of mine is currently interviewing for a job that the compny has suggested they want to fill in the next few days.

4. Companies ultimately hire when they need staff and if they need someone now, they'll hire them now regardless of the time of year.

The same goes for the summertime. While vacations can slow things down companies do hire in the summer as well.

The bottom line is that Christmastime can be a great time to search for a new job even if only to keep yourself busy and to not lose momentum which is bound to happen anyways as soon as the holidays hit and hiring managers are off for at least a few days. Hiring might slow down during the Christmas period but it certainly doesn't stop. When you stop searching for a job during December just because of the holidays you might find yourself missing out on opportunities that you'd otherwise have been interested in.