The world has now started to know about Hoodia, but it has been the food for the San people for centuries. They use to have it to control their appetite and hunger.

It is a plant; they are stem suckers, and described as 'cactiform', because of their similarity with cactus family. Unlike cactus it has flowers, with tan color and very strong smell and some of them can even grow to one meter in height. This is the African species of a plant.

With the discovery about the facts of Hoodia the demand for Hoodia has grown in the international market. The countries like China and some countries in North and South America has started farming to grow Hoodia. Although the effect is not same, hence you might end up wondering why it did not helped you in weight loss. The pure Hoodia is that which is imported from South Africa.

The most effective part of Hoodia is its core and not its leaf, and if you are using pills of Hoodia leafs and not its core's then it is not pure Hoodia Gordonii medicine. With two of the above circumstances, the Hoodia is not pure. Hence in order to get pure Hoodia it is important for you to check its certification. Yes, to provide original and pure Hoodia to customers around the world the South African Govt has certified to some genuine exporters, in order to make people aware about the difference between pure and impure. Thus pure Hoodia is described as Hoodia Gordonii.

Pure Hoodia Gordonii has proved to be the most effective appetite suppressant. It is the only species as of now which seems to be having great future ahead, and with this news I think we shall feel lucky that we have been able to find the way to lose weight naturally, with no side effects.

Pure Hoodia Gordonii is found in the desert of Kalahari in South Africa. Hoodia Gordonii has already been through many positive researches and they came to knew that this has the active ingredient which controls your hunger and has started already affecting the people around the world who were dejected with obesity.

The basic essential thing is to find the pure Hoodia Gordonii, be alert while purchasing from the market as there are more duplicate products than pure, concentrate on its certification and labeling and have patience. One such product which can be trusted upon is Hoodia Gordonii Plus, or any other Hoodia Gordonii product with proper certificate.

By the passing time customers will have to face more difficulties in order to get pure Hoodia as they are very limited in supply, because these Hoodia Gordonii Cactuses are very difficult to grow. The other major factor is that they need to be really taken well care of because water and sunlight should be provided to them in limited quantity. There are very limited numbers of Hoodia Gordonii farms in the South African desert and they take several years before they are ready to be harvested.