Do you wonder sometimes if you are hooked on Farmville? Farmville is a simple but fun Facebook game where you can spend a few minutes a day planting and harvesting virtual crops. The game can sound dull to some people, but the game is the number one game on Facebook and is a true internet phenomenon. The game is set up to feed the player continuous rewards for reaching new levels up and keeps them coming back for new prizes. This is the classic formula for addiction similar to that of gambling or shopping. Many people have found themselves hooked to Farmville which is similar to video game addiction. They spend time to playing the game versus doing their normal every day life. Addiction is characterized by a single activity taking over a person's life.
Hooked on FarmvilleSometimes it can be difficult to admit if you are hooked on Farmville. Many people hate to admit a weakness and video game addiction is not always recognized as a problem. That is because video game addiction does not have other side affects such as drug addiction. Nevertheless, many people have had their lives taking over by the game and kicking Farmville addiction can be very difficult. So how do you know if you have crossed the line from a leisure player to a Farmville addict? Here are a few symptoms to see if you or someone you know is hooked on Farmville.

  • Do you spend more time playing Farmville or planning to play Farmville than you do on work or homework? Has your work performance or grades slipped due to spending time playing the video game? Have you skipped work or school to play Farmville? If so, your view of the world may be skewed by the game.
  • Have you caught yourself playing Farmville to escape problems or bad feelings? Do you focus on solving problems in Farmville instead of working on other issues? This is a symptom of using the game as a crutch to not have to deal with issues.
  • Do you play Farmville for excitement or get irritable if you can't play? This can be a sign of needing the high associated with getting new rewards or leveling up.
  • Have you tried to limit your playing time but to no avail? Or have you logged on to Farmville even when you have no crops to harvest? You may have a problem controlling your impulses when it comes to the game.
  • Is your daily schedule based on harvesting crops on Farmville? Or do you make friends on Facebook just to have more Farmville friends? You may be making real life decisions based on the game.