Contemplate Your Life

Think About The Direction of Your Life

Do you remember the dreams you used to have when you were younger? If you were like most of us, you believed that someday you would discover and prepare for a great career and rise to the top of your field, you would have a beautiful family and a lovely home, and you would take amazing vacations together and build wonderful memories that would last a lifetime.

In your idealistic vision for your future, you dreamt that on any ordinary day, you would have plenty of time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of all your labor after a hard day of work spent doing the thing you love most.

I have just one question for you. Are you living your dreams?  Or, are you like most people who are literally stuck in the rat race?

The Reality

Most people are struggling to get by and they have to work hard just to make ends meet.  They hate, or have zero passion for the jobs they fell into, and they lack the money and time to get an education in a career field they might actually enjoy.   

Furthermore, most people are stuck in a never-ending loop of paying rent vs owning a home, and by the time they reach their rented property after a hard day of work… they are far too exhausted to spend quality time with their families.  

To most people, the idea of taking a family vacation seems like something only TV families get to do. They cannot sit back and relax on an ordinary day because they are too stressed out over mounting bills, bad credit, and having to deal with that look on their children’s faces when they have to tell them that they cannot afford something their child might actually deserve - truly, it does not get much worse than that.  However, this is a very realistic view of the lives that most people lead.

Life turned out in a completely different way than most people imagined or hoped for.   Nevertheless, no matter how old you are, or how bad you think it is for you, you do have the power to turn things around.

A Good Solution

A good solution to being stuck in the rat race is to find a way to take something you genuinely enjoy and turn it into a profitable venture.  You have to realize that it will take time, effort, and plenty of real work to get yourself out of the weeds.  There is no easy way around it, and if you are one of those people who believe in the concept of “Get Rich Quick,” you are bound for a lifetime of misery.  

Most of us already know that it takes real work to succeed in anything.  The only real question you need to ask yourself is this… do I want to work hard or do I want to work smart? 

Working Hard

There are plenty of ways to work hard to dig yourself out of the rat race.  For example, you can put in more hours at work, take a part-time job, join a low start-up cost multi-level marketing business, sell items on eBay, or at a yard sale, set up a booth at your local flea market, etc. 

Working hard absolutely does work, it takes a long time - but anything worth having usually takes a while to take effect.  This is the traditional way that most people get themselves out of the rat race.  If you are serious about turning your life around, there is absolutely nothing wrong with working hard, but why work so hard when there may be a better way.

Working Smart

Just as there are lots of ways to work hard, there are also many ways to work smart to get out of the rat race.  One of the most obvious advantages to working smart is the fact that it usually requires less physical exertion.  Think about it.  If you have worked hard all day long, how likely is it that you are going to feel up to the challenge of putting in overtime, working a second job, or going out and hawking a multi-level marketing business?  Most people will not be too enthusiastic about any of those choices.

One of the most lucrative ways to get out of the rat race and begin to turn your life around financially is through the many different ways to make money online.  I know what you are thinking here, but stay with me… you have stayed with me for this long, so please do not give up on me now, and do not give up on yourself.

There are thousands of people in this world who have discovered the real power of the Internet. True enough, many of these people are out to make money by scamming others, but there are some very legitimate options out there.  You just need to be careful about where you get your information.

Who am I and How can I Help You Reach Your American Dream?

My name is Rachelle Williams, I was once stuck in the rat race, I discovered legitimate ways to make money online, I worked my way out of the rat race, I am willing to share all that I know with you…at no charge to you (hello…), and I have zero interest in running a scam on anyone. 

 I would never opt to block my own blessings by trying to con people out of their hard-earned money, believe me; I know how hard it is to make it on a $12 an hour job.  Besides, I firmly believe in the power of karma, and I know that we get gob-smacked by all of the negative energy we put out into the universe, so I do not take part.

So, now that you know who I am, I will tell you how I can help you get out of the rat race so you can start working your way toward your personal American dream.   My goal is to write a series of articles here on Infobarrel that will show you exactly how to work smart by making money on the Internet.

 The method by which I chose to earn a living from all the Internet options I have tried is affiliate marketing.  This basically means that I will earn money from the owners of some of the products I will recommend to you. However, I will never recommend any kind of garbage that simply does not work, and I will also lead you to even more products where I receive zero income…as long as I know for sure that it works, I will recommend it to you, regardless to whether I am an affiliate.

So, there it is.  All you have to do now is check out my articles and make intelligent and informed choices about which options are best for you.  Remember, with any option you choose, you need to know that it really does take time and effort to work your way out of the rat race, but I know it can be done, because I have done it myself.