When choosing a pitbull puppy for sale one of your first considerations should be to select a good quality breeder. Ask for references from a past customer. The United Kennel club and the American Dog Breeders Association set the standards for dog breeding. Your breeder should be registering his puppies with one of these organizations or at least a local kennel club. Look for a breeder who keeps his puppies in his home as a part of the family. You should be allowed to examine the dog's environment to make sure it is clean and wholesome. Ask to see records of veterinarian visits to any puppy you are considering. Look for a breeder who only breeds one or two types of dogs so you can be sure of his expertise.

This can be especially important where there are pitbull puppies for sale, as these animals must be "socialized" at an early age to be of good temperament. Verify that the breeder has fed his puppies with a premium brand of dog food. Dogs of good pedigree deserve high nutrition. You breeder should encourage multiple visits so that each family member can get to know the new dog. He should be looking at you as adoptive parents and have an interest in the dog's future well being.

If you are seeking a top quality dog you will want to ask to see the pedigree of the dog in question. One or both parents and most of the others in the bloodline should have been "Champion" or Grand Champion".

Once you have found a good breeder your next job is to pick a good quality puppy. Some of the most popular pitbull puppies are the blue nose pitbull puppies. You will want to consider several different varieties of animal to determine which is right for you.

As you examine the breeder's stock look for a puppy that is not overly thin. This could signify health problems. Try to observe the dog's stool for signs of diarrhea or blood. Check for signs of repeated coughing. Make sure the animal is not scratching or showing signs of skin disease or fleas. The eyes should be clear and bright. Watch the dog's feeding habits. A normal pitbull puppy will eat heartily. A healthy dog will not shy away from you but will seem eager and friendly. Avoid any dog that is lethargic and does not want play with the other dogs.

Picking a good breeder and a good puppy can be a bit of a challenge but being armed with a little information will help you make a good decision.