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The koi is a popular fish and there are a lot of places that offer koi fish for sale. If you are considering buying a koi, there are some things that you should know about this tropical fish for sale.


The Koi

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The Koi is a freshwater fish species. They have been domesticated for years. Originally they were bred for food in Asia. They are normally kept in ponds. They look similar to large goldfish. There are a number of different variations and they come in a variety of colour combinations including white, red, blue, yellow and black.


There are a number of different varieties including the Kohaku, the Asagi, the Bekko, the Ginrin, Talsho Sanke, Ogons. Butterfly Koi, Gin Rin koi, and the Showa. They can vary in size from 3 inches to 24 inches. They can grow to 2 ft in 3 years. Koi can live 30 years or more.


What to Feed a Koi


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Koi are omnivorous fish meaning that they eat both meat and plants. There are a variety of foods available for them including Kaytee Koi's Choice Prememium Fish Food which can be bought in ten pound bags for $20.46, Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance Floating Pond Sticks which can be found in 3.08 pound containers for $26.49 and F.M. Brown's Encore Koi Food Spring and Fall which comes in a 3 pound bag for $13.34. These prices are from amazon.com and are subject to change.

Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance Floating Pond Sticks


Where to Keep Koi


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Koi are kept in ponds that can be made from concrete, Gunite, PVC, butyl rubber liners, fiberglass or natural ponds. What is important is the depth and how much water it holds. The pond should be at least 3 ft. deep and have a minimum of 300 gallons for each fish.


The pond will also need to have a pond pump and filters. One filter will need to filter out the waste products produced by the fish and the other for the ammonia and nitrite. The pond pump acts like an aerator. You will also need a kit that tests the water. As Koi are tropical fish, you may need a water heater depending on where you live as well, especially in temperate climates. The water should be kept at around 65 degrees.


Keeping Koi Healthy

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Fish can get sick too. The key to detecting disease is to observe your fish every day. You will need nets and a quarantine tank if you get a sick fish. The pond and the sick fish will need to be cleaned and treated. Veterinary medicine has come far in recent years and this includes knowledge on fish diseases. There are a number of products to treat fish available now.


Final Thoughts


I hope that this article has helped you make a decision to buy koi fish. They are an excellent choice of fish for ponds. You can find koi fish for sale in a number of places because of their popularity.