Are you new to Info Barrel? If you are, then here is some advice for new writers who are just getting started.

1. Read the Info Barrel FAQ Section

This tidbit sounds very basic, but this is what the Frequently Asked Questions section is for. This is the first place all new writers to Info Barrel should go. There are sections that answer your questions on:

Writing and Editing


The Preapproval Process

Google Adsense and Analytics


Other off-topic questions

I read it over several times in order to get a better understanding of how Info Barrel works.

2. Start Writing

This sounds like another simple and basic tip, doesn't it? You will never earn a penny as a writer on Info Barrel unless you start writing articles.

Are you stuck on what to write about? There are many articles here on Info Barrel that can help you figure out what to write about.

You might want to try the "Popcorn" or "Brainstorming" method to get ideas. Here's how to do it:Brainstorming Method


Select a topic you are familiar with and have a lot of knowledge about. The writing will come easier for you if you choose to do it this way. For example, I will use my niche of Girl Scouts. I write "Girl Scouts" in the middle of a piece of paper and circle it. Then I branch out and write sub-topics, like "Daisy Scouts", Brownie Scouts" , "Juniors" Cadettes" "Leaders" and "Cookies".

Each sub-topic has sub-topics of its own that you can branch out. For example, there are ten separate Daisy petals to earn, hence ten articles. There are over sixty Brownie Try-its, hence, I have sixty potential articles about how to earn these patches.

All you have to do is pick your niche and start writing for Info Barrel!

3. Learn All About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

I will admit it…when I was new to Info Barrel I had absolutely no idea what Search Engine Optimization was! I had to Google the term!

I learned all about SEO by searching for and reading the articles about it right here on Info Barrel. I believe I read every one on the subject. Then I studied the articles of jcmayer777, Info Barrel's top earner, as when I signed up he was earning one thousand dollars a month here. Obviously, he knows what he is doing!

My first two dozen articles were written without any knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. Once I got the hang of it, I edited them all for SEO and resubmitted my URL's.

4. Add Photos to Your Articles

By adding photos to your new Info Barrel articles, you have another opportunity for people who are searching for the information they need to find you. You can add photos you have taken yourself or buy them online. There are also websites that permit you to use their photos as long as you give them credit and/or provide a link back to them. Public domain sites also let you use photos and clip art without needing permission.

5. Submit your URL's to Google, Bing and Yahoo

Your URL is what you type in the address bar, like In order for Google and other search engines to find it faster, cut and paste the URL into Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can do an internet search under the term "submit your URL to…".

6. Backlink Your Articles

Backlinking your articles is when you use your article's URL and link it to another bookmarking site or writing website. For example, if I write an article here on Info Barrel, I make a social bookmark on Xomba, Snipsly and Infopirate. There are many bookmarking sites for backlinks that can also earn you Adsense income.

If you write on another website, then you can link your Info Barrel article to that one. Backlinking helps get your article indexed higher in Google. Read this Info Barrel forum thread to get a better understanding of back linking and how and where to do it.

7. Make Sure You Sign Up for Google Adsense

You make money on Info Barrel by having readers click on ads. But no money will come in unless you have a Google Adsense account! Setting it up is easy-just read the FAQ section.

And by the way-it is a big NO NO to click on your own ads or anyone else's here on Info Barrel. You risk losing your Adsense account and your opportunity to earn money online.

8. Read the Forums and Ask Questions

I learned how to write online articles by reading the Info Barrel forums and asking questions there. There is no other forum that I know of that is a kind, giving and generous as Info Barrel's. All of the pieces of advice I am giving I have learned by reading the forum and asking questions. There is a wonderful archive of answered questions. Make the time to go over them and read the advice others have already given.

Even if the question has been asked over and over again, it will be answered promptly and politely by those who frequent the forums. And if you are new, please introduce yourself! We welcome everyone…except spammers!

9. Learn How to Search for Keywords

Again, this is something I never knew how to do or even heard of before writing for Info Barrel. Google has a Keyword tool which is free to do for searches. There are also other keyword tool programs that have free trials for you to see and experiment with.

The idea of keyword search is to look for words that have fewer searches so you have a greater likelihood of ranking higher with our article. A search for "Girl Scouts" has thousands of searches, but "light blue Daisy girl scout petal" has much fewer searches.

10. Write Articles that Are Evergreen and Seasonal

Evergreen articles will be searched for throughout the year. Seasonal articles have a much shorter shelf life. For example, searches for Halloween will surge in September and October and come to a complete standstill on November first. If you plan on doing seasonal articles, you will need to write them four to six months in advance in or for them to season and age on Google. Halloween articles should be written in May or June, spring gardening articles should be written in the fall.

11. You Need to Be Patient About Earnings

Writing articles for Info Barrel is not a "get rich quick" scheme. It takes time, dedication, knowledge and a large base of articles to generate income. Many writers join, and after a few articles, give up, claiming Info Barrel is a scam or a waste of time. Not so. I earned an entire penny when I signed up in January. I am making payout again this month. Be patient, write, backlink your articles, and the clicks will eventually come!

I hope this advice to new Info Barrel writers has proven helpful to you. If you have any other questions, just go to the forums and ask!