Will you be ready if there is an economic collapse in the United States? Will you be ready if there is a major catastrophic disaster from terror or perhaps nature itself? We must be smart about making preparations to protect ourselves and our families. Many talking heads now say that in 2011 when the current government implements new taxes, the US will be ideally positioned to follow suit in a long list of countries who have suffered economical collapse like Greece and Argentina.

In fact, Argentina's financial collapse is one of the worst to hit a modern nation in recent times. The best way to be ready for a collapse be it economic or terroristic, is to make the necessary arrangements in order to safely ride out the storm. Some may say it is a lack of faith, but I argue that point as God expects us to not be lazy but instead make plans accordingly…just like it says in the bible in Ecclesiastes 11:2:

"Divide your portion to seven, or even to eight, for you do not know what misfortune may occur on the earth".

Not only will you be ready if there is a disaster, you will also be in a much better position to feed your family should you suffer a job loss. Many people have actually lived off their food storage when they lost their jobs. This is just another reason it makes sense to be ready. So many times people only think of putting money back for emergencies. By having a food storage and emergency supply storage such as battery or crank lanterns and cell phone charters, medicine, first aid kits, water purifiers, and so on.

Just think about this one simple thing. Think back to those times when maybe you picked up that extra package of toilet paper or jug of laundry soap when it went on sale. You forgot you had it until one day you ran out and happened to see an extra bottle on the shelf and what a great feeling of relief that was. Just imagine a food and emergency storage being like that only on a much larger scale.

Start making your plans now and begin picking up an extra bag of beans or a jar of peanut butter on your weekly trip to the store. Pick items rich in protein and don't forget things like powdered milk or dry packaged potatoes and canned vegetables. Home canning is also a wonderful way to build your food storage. You can find many books, articles, and tips on home canning and long term emergency food on the internet. There are many ideas online about what you need to do to prepare for an emergency and you can simply apply those items which best suit your family's needs.