If you're thinking about having a florist is a career, then this article is for you. This article will cover some of the pros and cons of being a florist, and the necessary traits to become successful one.

Traits Of A Successful Florist:

Love Flowers - obviously a successful florist must love flowers since you will be dealing with flowers every day. You will have to know what species and colors that works well together, and their respective appropriate events.

Creative - creativity is the lifeline of a successful florist. In order for you to succeed against the competition you need to have a good creativity when it comes to picking flowers and flower arrangements.

Good Eye For Color - a good florist must have a keen eye for mixing different colors that accentuates to the appropriate event.

Working as a florist can be fulfilling at the same time can be demanding. One of the things you must get used to is working with deadlines. Like other professions, florists work with tight deadlines such as Valentine's Day or flower arranging for a wedding.

Working in a creative environment for a florist is a must. Although, there are deadlines however most florist works as self-employed and work at their own hours. This kind of freedom is what appeals to some people. However, this freedom may come at a price since you will be working as a small business, and you will be interacting with many customers. Not all florists are self-employed; some are employed by independent shops, Internet retailers and grocery stores to name a few.

Being a florist doesn't have rigid requirements, licenses or education, though having some courses in flower color and arrangement may prove to be useful. However, some skills are a must such as how to care and cut flowers and flower arrangement. If you are working as a self-employed then you need to have an additional skill sets such as working the numbers. You need to have the basic education on how to budget, a good estimate of the flowers needed for an event and picking the right kind of flowers to stock. Being an apprentice on a flower shop is a good idea to gain these vital skills.

If you are planning to be an independent florist that you need to have more additional skills such as handling taxes and fees, managing employees, handling cash and accounts, costumer service and handling inventory. Florists must also keep an eye for potential clients, thus you may need to keep photos of your work with you constantly.

A good florist business owner understands that different customers have different demands, especially if it involves large volume orders. Event planners and brides are the main sources of business for a florist. Funeral events also need the services of a florist. Florists may have a satisfaction when it comes to helping others, but it can also be emotionally draining at the same time.

Because different customers need different demands, florists are suitable for people who like to be in a changing environment. Some people like to do their job in routines, and it does bring in security and predictability.