Ready or Not, It's Here!


Are You Ready for the Aquarian Age?Credit: Sign of Aquarius

We've stepped through the threshold of the Age of Aquarius heralded for centuries as a golden age: an era of enlightenment, soul freedom, art, education, abundance, and spiritual advancement where people, having attained higher consciousness, would walk and talk with ascended beings from higher dimensions.  Some call this era the Age of the Divine Feminine, the New Dawn; others would describe it as the second coming of Christ, the New Jerusalem, the Celestial City, Age of the Holy Spirit, Age of the Divine Mother.  Whatever it's called, everyone feels that a definite shift has come upon humanity.

Proponents do not agree as to the exact date when this new age began, but they do agree that we are in the birthing throes of it.  After over two thousand years (which pundits say is how long a cycle of an astrological era is), we are leaving the age of Pisces - of which many acknowledge Jesus Christ is the hierarch - and are now entering that of Aquarius - whose hierarch followers of theosophy and other new age teachings believe to be the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

The Sign of Aquarius 

Aquarius' symbol is that of the water bearer pouring fresh water Aquarius pouring water(106998)Credit: Zodiac Art by Kagayaon to earth. 

He kneels as he pours his offering of water in an act of humble service, signifying that in libation, the Aquarian seeks only to cleanse, illuminate and purify.  In being cleansed, we are  made new again, capturing the element of renewal, youth and innocence.  New thought requires new mind.  Higher thoughts require higher consciousness. 

Although the act of offering the libation demonstrates the Aquarian wish to be of service to others, it also illustrates the active attitude of sharing with others the knowledge, essence and gifts contained within oneself - the principle of communication by which we identify Aquarians as the transmitters of knowledge.

An air sign ruled by the planet Uranus, Aquarius is noted for remarkable inventions, advances in science, the use of air, electricity, communication, astronomy, magnetism, quantum science, and such avant-garde fields of knowledge.  

Through the internet and other advances in telecommunication, thoughts and ideas are communicated at the speed of light across the world.  At the touch of a button, people are able to access information and knowledge quicker than ever before.  Time and space virtually collapse. Events occurring anywhere in the world are simultaneously witnessed. There is a realisation of the unity of life, how one's existence and survival are intimately linked with everyone else's on the planet. 

The currency of Aquarius is light, energy, knowledge communicated in the twinkling of an eye.  We have never been as close to being omniscient and omnipresent - and heaven forbid! - omnipotent, while still maintaining our mortal forms, as we are now.  Mankind has in their hands such immense power for creation or destruction.  The turbulent winds of Aquarius are giving us unmistakable warnings that our consciousness should be transformed if we are to be worthy arbiters of such awesome power.

Material Science vs Spiritual Science

From earliest time, knowledge and wisdom have always been the domain of the spiritual adepts.  Yogic adepts, mystics, shamans were the keepers of the flame of knowledge and truth beyond the everyday understanding of ordinary men and women of their times.  They gained their knowledge and powers through direct encounter with Spirit, through personal initiations, intuition, meditation, direct revelation, and personal anointing.  They mastered time and space and the forces of nature.  They shared their knowledge through sacramental alchemy, secret codes and esoteric language.

Material science and spiritual science have always played tag with each other, seeking to disprove or discredit one another.  Natural science answered and translated in objective language the questions and laws of life, nature, and healing.  Gradually but surely worldly science dominated the realm of knowledge. For the most part, it has taken the upper hand as it became less and less enamoured with mysteries and mystic knowledge.  It sought to reduce cosmic and spiritual laws to mechanised formulas.  What couldn't be seen, touched, perceived by the senses and explained in quantifiable terms were considered myths and fantasy.  

Material science soon took a more dominant position as the arbiter of the fruits of the tree of knowledge and truth, of good and evil, and of the tree of life and death.

New Wine into New Vessels

The Aquarian age is to see the marriage of these two erstwhile dichotomous worlds:  Natural Science and Supernatural Science.  In the Aquarian Age, Science is its religion and its Religion is its science.  There is to be no competition between these two; instead they serve and affirm each other. Their relationship is closer than hand in glove.  As in the metaphor of the holy grail, matter and the spirit merge as one.  One cannot tell where one begins and where one ends.  How does this happen?

Quantum Leap - Spirit and Matter Converge

As the consciousness of man expands and ascends, molecules and atoms of his being vibrate at a higher rate and intensity, he rises to a higher level of being and meets spirit at a transcendent level where spirit lowers its vibration and meets the rising accelerating soul.  This nexus (which is at the level of the Higher Self) is at the etheric dimension: a pure, subtle nonetheless very real level of the etheric plane.  Only here can pure Spirit and pure Matter co-exist. 

The I AM Presence (the upper figure in the chart depicted, as some would call, Supreme Spirit) meets the aspiring soul (bottom figure in time and space, surrounded by violet transmuting flame of the 7th ray of the Aquarian Age) though still in matter, at the level of the mediator (the middle figure in the chart), called the Christ.  This lumI Am Presence Chart -smallCredit: The Summit Lighthouseinous dimension is reached not by crossing any distance but by quantum leap.  When this is reached, there is no time or space, but only the eternal NOW.

In man, such transformation is achieved through the raising of his consciousness powered by his loving attention on the Supreme Light and Love which is within him, thus drawing himself to the level of his Higher Self (Christ Self).  By drawing up to spirit, spirit responds, meets and merges with the soul.  ("Draw nigh unto me and I shall draw nigh unto thee").  Through the law of attraction, he becomes that which he is vibrating with.  The observer becomes one with the observed.  What is even more profound is that observed becomes the observer.  Whereas man has sought to see through the eyes of Spirit, the acceleration of consciousness allows Spirit to see through the gaze of the soul in Matter. The Divine incarnates in Man.

As Tielhard de Chardin puts it famously “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience"

For as long as the person is able to gradually assimilate his divine identity and daily increase his oneness with his higher self, he undergoes the process of transformation of divine "alchemicalisation" of his being. He carries this new consciousness into his outer life.  His thoughts, feelings, intentions, desires, actions are transformed. He is motivated by higher values and goals.  His gains clarity of thought, more understanding, more love, more mastery of time and space and matter, more power. He takes greater responsibility for his life and the lives of others. He embraces the wider concerns of humanity, beyond his own.

A new man or woman emerges: a Christed one, an avatar, a God/Man.  This Higher Self (the inner man of the heart - the kingdom of God that is within) is already in all of us, but we must appropriate and claim our divine identity from which we have been disenfranchised, through ignorance or by malicious treachery.  We are enjoined to be perfect even as our heavenly Father is perfect. 

To do this, a price must be paid.  We have to separate ourselves out of the mass consciousness with its delusions and materialistic narcissistic worldview.

The Only Way to Go is Up!Electrons spinning

Acceleration is the key to the Aquarian Age: acceleration of consciousness. 

It is believed that when a critical number of humanity begins to vibrate and live in this high level of spiritual self-awareness and love, humanity will reach a critical tipping point where it will evolve into a higher form of being and earth is then able to host the eminent age of Aquarius. 

We see a phenomenal worldwide movement of people who are radically more spiritually committed.  Workshops, mystery schools, meditation retreats, yoga, and spiritual quests have flourished over that past decades.  Studies and practice of human psychology learn from and lean heavily on spiritual psychology, particularly when delving into understanding the conscious, unconscious, subconscious and superconscious minds.

There is a dramatic shift toward natural foods, the diets of the adepts, natural lifestyles, organic and sustainable use of energy, preservation of life and nature, responsibly protecting our environment.  

We are witnessing incredible breakthroughs in the alternative sciences.  Quantum physics, cymatics and sound medicine are leading fields in healing.  Science once again is regaining its hallowed role as the sentinel of Spirit and has discovered the language to explain miracles and spiritual realities.

Concurrent with all this, we witness terrible stories of man's inhumanity to man, wars, terrorism, genocide, natural disasters, plagues and pestilence,  the reckless pillage of the environment.  We wonder how we haven't yet blown ourselves to high heavens!  It's amazing we are still here!  Something miraculous is holding the balance for life. 

The battle is not lost.  But it is raging.  We are at a crossroad.  There is a sifting and shifting of worlds.

How can we survive?

Become An Avatar!

'In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on everyone. …."

An avatar is an incarnation of a highly advanced spiritual being. That's what it takes to turn the world around - in fact, it is imperative that we become one. 

The mantra to be embodied is "I AM THAT I AM" - this is the name of God given to man.  It implies an inherent relationship between you (I Am) and the divine (I Am).  But this affirmation can only be claimed by the higher self - the divine within man.  The human can never be perfect.  Only the Christ in man can say I AM that I AM.  This is powerful and radical affirmation of self realisation.  Don't be surprised if your human ego resists.  This requires a revolution in higher consciousness.  This is what is required to successfully deliver the new age of Aquarius. 

Age of Soul Freedom

Saint GermainCredit: The Summit Lighthouse

Everyone today is crying out for Freedom! Never has it seemed more attacked and abused.  Never has the need for it to be defended than now!

The Aquarian age is age of Freedom - more importantly, soul freedom, which is the foundation of all freedoms.  It is the God-given freedom to experience the infinite, unlimited consciousness.  The freedom to be all that we were originally created to be - it is the freedom to be God. Many believe that this flame is sponsored by the Ascended Master Saint Germain, trierarch of the Aquarian Age.

Daily we witness how freedom and advanced technology in the hands of the unenlightened minds and grasping hearts cause terrorism and mayhem. We must be discerning and wise and guard against seductive causes that seek to bind the soul in even deeper and subtler bondage.  Bondage in all its forms: be it personal, psychological, political, economic, educational, spiritual. 

Age of Accountability and Honour

The Aquarian age is the age of the cosmic honour flame.  Aquarians are described as  idealists, pursuing their guiding principles of truth, justice, democracy, universal harmony and brotherhood of man.  The whole world is demanding integrity, honour and honesty among its leaders and people.  We've seen continuing wiki leaks and exposures of corruption and injustices by holders of power in governments, politics, economy, education, and churches.  

From an esoteric point of view, in Aquarius, there will no longer be secrets - what once was seen through a glass darkly - "but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known." -  all will be transparent and be revealed.  Man will gain a greater capacity to understand.

Golden Age of Enlightenment

Knowledge without wisdom is not enough.  There is now more reliance on intuition, direct knowledge, emotional intelligence, the science of the heart, mystical experiences, synchronicity that lead to wisdom beyond mere formulas.  Truth cannot be bound and limited by the narrow language and perceptions of material science.  All will have the capacity to understand truth beyond the senses using their soul faculties. 

Can We Survive?

From my point of view, there are three possible scenarios: 

  1. People, out of recalcitrance and fear, resist the coming winds of new freedom and transformation and continue to hang on to the old limiting paradigm, keeping mankind  bound in systems of oppression, corruption, ignorance, avarice, competition, selfish materialistic pursuits, holding back the soul's and the planet's upward evolutionary progress.
  2. The upcoming spiritual revolution in higher consciousness is hijacked and morphed into brave new world, where the soul's union with spirit is subverted; creating instead a technologically superior and robotic world without divine presence. Scientists and governments as the ruling gods, create a purely mechanistic illusionary existence, genetically and artificially contrived, with social engineering of 'perfect' human race without soul, individuality, creativity and spirituality.  They would contintue to create artificial lifeforms, manipulate genes and DNA, clone at will and whim, manufacture  viruses, engineer chemical warfare. They decide who is fit to live and who is fit to die - the old, the disabled, the sick, the not-so-perfect, the unwanted unborn, the wrong sex, etc. The film "The Matrix" is a warning of such a possibility.
  3. People awaken to claim their divine identity, the awesome solar power which is not outside but within themselves.  They understand fully the precarious cosmic equation and the singular opportunity for spiritual evolution offered to man and his kind now at this crossroad in cosmic time. And from a new consciousness, they take responsibility to fully engage in transforming themselves and the planet, and usher in the golden age of true freedom, enlightenment, joy, peace, love, justice and prosperity that the human's eye has not seen nor human ear heard but would surely have perceived and longed for in his heart.

The challenge is immense, but we have the immense power within us.

Some Powerful Life Strategies:

  • Develop strong loving and living bond with Spirit (God). This is crucial.
  • Practice a calm powerful mind through meditation, prayer and mantras. One powerful way to accelerate your consciousness by invoking the new age science of the transmuting violet  flame.  (Example, say:  "I Am a being or violet fire, I AM the purity God desires".)
  • Decide to be and act as your Higher Self.
  • Invoke divine and angelic protection, wisdom, power and guidance.
  • Learn and practice power of the spoken word to invoke divine intercession.
  • Spiritual study.
  • Increase love, forgiveness and compassion.  You don't want to carry unnecessary baggage around.
  • Stay fit and balanced in body, mind, emotion and spirit. Be a spiritual warrior of love.
  • Discover and fulfill your unique calling.  Serve to set life free in whatever field you're in.
  • Be authentic.
  • Be courageous.
  • Develop self-discipline and resiliency.
  • Be honourable in all your thoughts, words and deeds.
  • Develop balance of love, wisdom and power.
  • Keep your energy high and positive - decide to live in the sense of Victory and Joy - that's the Aquarian way!

 To your Victory, all the way!