Walk-in ATM


Walk-in ATMCredit: Wikipedia.org


 You might want to take special precautions for the ATM’s that required you to come in a building.  This forces you to get out of your car, therefore, possibly putting you in “harm’s way.”   You might want to take someone with you when  possible.  If this is not possible, do you look around to see if other cars or people are around?   When coming and going to your car be aware of your surroundings.   

Walk-up  ATM

Walk-up ATMCredit: Wikipedia.org


When at this particular type of  ATM,  you should be observant of your surroundings.   It is too open.  Anyone can just walk up behind you.   It puts you to a disadvantage, because someone could look over your shoulder or come up directly behind you and demand your money.  Take special precautions at this type of ATM.

ATM - Drive Thru

Do you make it a point to use the drive through during the day time as oppose to the night?  This is something that you might want to think about.  Also,  I have observed there have been those that are not in cars but are walking on foot to approach the ATM to do their banking.   Are you observant to make sure they are only there to use the ATM  and not to rob you?


After you receive your  cash, do you discern your surroundings and insure that no one is following you?  If you suspect someone is following you, call 911 from your cell phone? There are many unscrupulous robbers now.  They will do anything to get your money and your identification.    Be sure to check and be sure to lock your car door.

If you get locked inside a walk-in ATM do you know what to do?  This happened to me once.  If I did not have a cell phone, I  possibly would be stuck  there until another ATM customer  came or  someone in my family discovered I was missing.  Somehow the door locked me in, but would not let me out.   I waited for a few minutes, that seemed like eternity, and  it did not seem that any ATM customers were coming anytime soon.  I decided to call 911.  The police came to my rescue in a matter of minutes and  helped me out.  To my surprise the police informed me that I was not the first person that this had happened to. 

Remember to count your money in your car?  If you are counting it and a robber spots it, you then become easy prey.  I used to wonder my grandmother always said, “Fold your money up, do not carry it loosely in your hands.”  I saw a mock bank robbery where customers had their money in their hands before approaching the teller window.  As the robber came in, he quickly grabbed the money from the customers hands and then jumped over the teller window.  Until I saw this, I would have never imagined.   This is something you probably need to think about.  So in the future keep safe at the ATM.


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