Are You Sharing Your InfoBarrel Earnings? I am not asking if you are sharing you Adsense earnings with charity, I asking if you are sharing how much you earn each month on InfoBarrel.

Each month I have been sharing how much I earn on Infobarrel. I plan to continue doing so for at least another month, but I am getting frustrated a little bit. I am not seeing many people sharing an accurate report of how much they are making on Infobarrel.

I do see a couple of members that share about how much they make, but that is the exception. Sharing how much you earn on Infobarrel is a personal choice. You should NEVER feel pressured to share how much you make writing for Infobarrel. It is however interesting, motivating, and educational to learn how much people are making On InfoBarrel.

I like to share my earnings in Infobarrel in the hope that others will do so also. I like to read how much other members are making. I am not a fan though of vague references. I like specific amounts such as "I earned over $75.00 on InfoBarrel last month".

Top Earners on InfoBarrel
People are referring to "top earners" on InfoBarrel but in reality we have no way of showing who is earning the most on Infobarrel. Is JCMayer77 still the top earner on InfoBarrel this month or did Info-lover surpass him?

We really have no way of knowing for sure who the top earner is. Maybe we could take a conservative CPM estimate, multiply it by the total number of page views, and then rank each member monthly so we have a very rough approximation of who is making how much and how often. Of course this is not ideal as it would still be an estimation. I guess I should simply quit looking to learn how much other people are making her eon InfoBarrel. When I come across Infobarrel earnings for a member I will read them with enthusiasm. I also may take a grain of salt with the numbers. We really have no way of knowing who is making how much and comparing them accurately. There is nothing wrong with this at all; I just like to know how much people are making On Infobarrel.

Instead of wondering how much others are earning I need to concentrate on my earnings.

At this end of this month I will again accurately and honestly share my total Infobarrel earnings for the month as well as other key statistics related to my InfoBarrel folio.

I hope other members will also do InfoBarrel earnings articles. If you choose not to that is OK. If you do choose to share your earnings accurately then it will be beneficial to other members and hopefully help encourage more people to write and publish more articles to the InfoBarrel website.

The amount of money that each member make is also altered by the fact that some of the writers have chosen to donate one or more articles to Charity. These articles may have earned the writer a few dollars but they have generously donated any proceeds from the article to the InfoBarrel Charity.