According to the Flint Journal, Vicki Recio an eight-grade English language arts teacher at Park Middle School, in Corpus Christi, and Veronica Juarez, an English language Arts Department chairperson, have done workshops with students.  Students are to write text with a limited number of characters and convert it into formal language.  The goal is to help students with more creativity and critical thinking skills.  

Teenager textingCredit:, Alton, Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

One student in the Flint journal stated she found herself writing at school like she texts with her friend. She finds herself using such text phrases as (lol) laughing out loud or (omg) oh my gosh.

Credit:, Alton, Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported


I find myself using many short text phrases when texting.  It is more of a convenience for me.   I find myself using “u” instead of “you.”   Or “k” instead of okay.   It is an automatic given for me to do this.   

Some texting lingo you might see is as follows:   (abt) about (cyl) see you later, or (bff) best friends forever.   These are just a few of the texting lingo you may see.  

I did not realize how much I text, until I discovered one month I went over my limit.   Many of those who text will have unlimited texting in their phone plan.   Texting is great for me, because I have relatives out-of-town, it just saves me a phone call and I can still keep in touch.  It is not the same thing as hearing that person’s voice.  Nothing really can take the place of that.   

I have seen employees in the grocery or retail stores using their own cellphones.   I do,   have a problem if they are doing this in your face, instead of helping you the customer.   I also, have a problem when people live for their cellphones.   People cannot talk with their families, because their calls are so important, that the calls nearly always come first in their lives.   I have discovered for some reason people want to call me while I am in church service.  Therefore, I resolved to turn my phone off during service.  I will check it for any texts or voicemail messages after church is over.  Setting limits and boundaries is essential. 

Credit:, Alton, Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

In addition, I turn my cellphone off during funerals.   It is very disturbing to hear cellphones going off during a marriage, funeral, or other church service.   I recall a recent funeral that I attended, the minister announced before the service started, to turn all cellphones off.   I thought that was a great idea.  I was glad that he did this.

 In addition, the courthouses in my city will not allow cellphones in the courthouse.  They do check you at the entrance.   However, there are exceptions for licensed attorneys and police officers.  

I discovered that with text, there is no need to worry about someone overhearing your conversation, especially if you are around many people.    If you accidentally send a text to someone by mistake, it might be embarrassing.   That does happen.  Have you started texting yet?[3554]