The subject of kids and pets has been discussed over and over again and still parents haven't really got the hang of it. This is a big topic and it is also something that we have to handle with a lot of care. For some people your cat is your child. Suddenly your doctor is telling you to give your tabby away because your baby is allergic to cat hair.

It's not the easiest thing to plod off to the animal shelter with your feline creature which you have raised for the last nine years. Unfortunately this is what happens when you have kids. It is the same as when you have to turn in the Ferrari for a family car - for some people! There is a lot to think about.

When it comes to dogs you may be thinking that it's time to hook your toddler up with a Labrador sine it has a birthday coming up. There are parents out there who would think that this is the craziest thing to do, but some parents are still on a mission and have a picture in their mind of kids and dogs running around together.

A dream pet

children and dogs


Sometimes this does work out, but generally you will find that kids turning four or five will take to dogs and vice versa. Have a look in a couple of magazines and see what little bites have turned into.

Perhaps dogs have mistaken your child for their favorite toy and once their jaw gets into lock mode they can't let go. Don't let this scare you off because there are dogs out there who can make fantastic family pets.

We have all seen toddlers giving their family pet a good smack for no reason, seeing how far they can go. This is what you have to watch out for and this is exactly why it not wise to look for a fury friend too early in your child's life.

Just imagine if you were the cat. I have heard people say cats go through serious psychological problems when they come across little ones so all the more reason to think about this.

Finding the Right Kind of Pet

A lot of people will automatically go for a cat or dog, but this is a big step if they have never owned a pet before. It is a big responsibility. Dog's have to be cared for particularly well and you may have to take over quite a bit, which is why it may be best to wait a while until the child is old enough.

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A dog will teach your teach responsibility so waiting for the time is right would be a good thing. Having that routine in his or her life would help the child in his life. Knowing that the dog must go for a walk at a certain time will prevent him from playing that extra video game and realizing that the puppy has to be fed in the morning will help him get up earlier than he does.

Starting off with something like a hamster, goldfish or even a rabbit which don't need as much attention would be a good way to introduce pets into your home and into your child's life.

Dogs and aggression

Very often people are quick to blame their dog for getting out of hand. We are always weary of the more aggressive dogs, such as Alsatians and Rottweilers. However, any dog can suddenly lash out. For example, a loving Labrador, is known to be an extremely friendly pet, but often this dog has been known to go for family members.

Toddlers have been badly mauled and even killed by the big bully breeds, but the nature of these dogs varies a great deal.

At the end of the day, this comes down to training. Training a dog to behave in the appropriate way so that it won't start to attack is as important as potty training.

It is indeed true, that some breeds are more difficult to handle and this is why they need to be trained. You need to start with a professional training center. It may help going somewhere that deals with that particular breed. The more attention you pay to this, the better. You will pick up a lot of techniques and tricks here, which you won't always learn how to do by reading a book on dog training.

It is also important to be focused on this at all times. You need to be monitoring the situation and be quick to act when your dog does something out of order. On the other hand, good rewards should be offered in the case where the dog has done the right thing. Have plenty of treats ready in your pocket.

Any dog can be trained. Many countries have banned dogs that have earned a bad reputation in parts and this is kind of sad because they are not monsters. If you did not give your children any guidance, who knows what they would turn out to be like.

Let the dog know who is in control. As soon as he takes over, he will discover that he is boss and simply ignore you. This is why it is essential to start with this process from day one. Don't leave it until your puppy starts to display signs of aggression.

The worst thing for a family is to put a dog down because of a behavior problem. You may have one of the most aggressive dog breeds, but that doesn't mean that you can't train him to behave in the way that he should. This takes time and dedication, but it does pay off.

Remember that aggression always comes down to something. Your dog may be shy, nervous or overprotective. So don't wonder why it is happening at a later stage, especially since you did all the training. It simply needs to be dealt with. There are a lot of other things that you need to deal with, such as giving your dog shots and vetinarians, and so this is not something that should be hanging over your head.

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Children Learn from Pets

Besides responsibility, pets bring a lot of positive values into your home. Once you have thought of the right kind of pet and at the right time you will be able to see the change in your child. This will develop right through childhood and into the adult years.

There is a definite sense of compassion that can be noticed around children who have been associated with pets. Explaining to kids that the new puppy is scared of being in a new environment will bring on a protective nature.

If you have ever seen an abused child connect with a pet you will see what I mean. They bring instant love to the child, who is able to form a beautiful relationship with them. 

Animals seem to know to protect people and kids in this way in a loving way without being able to say anything. You will also see a level of curiosity starting to develop just as your kitten becomes curious and this is an important part of the development.