Passive Income(42653)

I get it.

You want to be independent.

You don't want a boss.

You want a location free website.

You want lifestyle design.

You abhor the cubicle.

You want to be extraordinary.

You never did well with authority.

You want passive income.

You want to be different.

You want to live life on your own terms.

You want to work less...yada...yada...yada...4 Hour Work Week, 0 Hour Work Week, 17 Hour Work Week, 5 Hour Work Week.

I see this string of statements on every blog now that these phrases have become like acronymns...they are so overused you forget their original meaning.

Everyone is so busy trying to be original and different, that the original and different have become the norm. I know, I know...working for "The Man" is not great, I am not naive about this, neither do I disagree, but there is some value in working a traditional job that often gets drowned out by the resounding pitches sang above.

You learn how to deal with people face to face. There is much value to be gained in face to face meetings. As much as doing business online has afforded a lot of people great opportunities, an important skill to master is confronting people in person and dealing with different personalities.

At some point if you want to take your business, expertise, and communication to the next level you will have to meet with your prospects and partners in person to communicate, negotiate, make decisions and plan; skills that are usually learned and made comfortable through practice.

Do you know how to lead your team when they are looking at you face to face? Can you make decisions quickly and delegate on the spot when your team is literally looking at you for guidance?
Are you able to present and defend your choices, plans, goals, hopes, wishes, vision and dreams to a room full of eyes? Are you able to qualm fears, prevent tears, and boost employee morale when your workers are feeling let down?

If you can do it face to face then you can do it online, I am not sure if the reverse is true.

Yes I get it, you want freedom, who doesn't? But I hope your freedom isn't a cloak of avoidance, fear and anxiety about crushing it in the so called 'real world.' If it isn't, you have made the right choice, if it is, well maybe you should work on facing your fears first and then start venturing into the online world. 

Plan of action: Take the product you're selling online and try and sell it face to face to one person. Does your product target a certain demographic? Get from in front of your computer and mingle with your interested demographic; where do they go? What do they eat? Where do they hang out? How do they think? Strike up a face to face conversation. You will be surprised at the value you can gain  from  the lost art of face to face meetings.