Crossfit Gear at Work

Crossfit gear can help you get results even faster.

You may have heard of Crossfit, the intense fitness craze that seems to be taking over gyms everywhere. People love Crossfit because it helps them get stronger, lose weight, and perform better in other sports. Not only that, but you don't need much in the way of Crossfit Gear to get started!

So, what exactly is Crossfit?

Before we dive into what Crossfit gear can help you, we should probably talk about the Crossfit program itself. Simply put, Crossfit attempts to build elite fitness by focusing on a number of core disciplines. Among these disciplines are weight lifting, gymnastics, running and plyometrics. Typically a Crossfit class is held in a gym and conducted in a class format. Participants will all complete the same work out under time guidelines.

What's the best Crossfit gear for me?

Most gyms will supply all the gear you need, but if you want to be sure of cleanliness or complete Crossfit workouts at home you might want to consider purchasing your own Crossfit gear. Here are the top pieces of equipment to consider:

Crossfit Rings or TRX

Rings that are attached to nylon straps are great for a large variety of exercises. The beauty of this gear is in it's versatility. You can hang the rings from a bar, rafters, tree branch, or any other sturdy overhead beam. Once installed your Crossfit rings can be used to work almost any body part. If you're looking for even more versatility, check out the TRX trainer.

Plyometric Box

Crossfit workouts almost always include some type of jumping exercise. Several boxes or platforms are an essential piece of crossfit gear that can be purchased or built by a handy DIYer.

Weighted Vest

As you get into better shape you'll find that the workouts are starting to get easier. For many exercises you can simply increase the weight you are using, but what about things like sprints or pushups? Enter the weighted vest! These vest are actually quite comfortable and the weight they add can be adjusted quickly. Simply slip one on and get ready to start sweating!


Chalk? For a fitness class? You bet! Many of the exercises in Crossfit require a strong grip. Whether you're doing heavy deadlifts on a barbell or simply using your bodyweight in pullups, the last thing you want to do is lose your grip! Chalk will help your hands stay dry and ensure that you're firmly in control of all your crossfit equipment.

Padded Mat

I know what you're thinking: Crossfit is a really hardcore workout - why would I want a padded mat? When you're doing exercises like sit-ups you'll find that without a mat you might bruise or otherwise injure your back. An injured back means that you won't be making next week's crossfit class. 

The other consideration when looking at this piece of Crossfit gear is sanitation. If your gym provides mats for all of it's members to share just think about how much sweat, dirt, and bacteria will build up. Buying your own Crossfit mat might save you a few sick days at work.

Crossfit Medicine Ball

I'm not sure why they call it "medicine", but these weighted balls are a Crossfit staple. Make sure you go for quality with this piece of Crossfit gear because you're going to be throwing it around and slamming it against the wall. Not only will you get stronger, you might relieve a bit of stress as well!

The above Crossfit gear will help you on your way to achieving all of your fitness goals. Unless you're working out at home you can probably depend on your local gym for most of this Crossfit equipment, but having your own can be very convenient.

One final word of advice: if you can't purchase high quality Crossfit gear, hold off and save up until you can. Poor quality Crossfit equipment could break in the middle of a workout, leaving the user injured or worse. Make sure you find a quality source and consider asking some of the more experienced members of your gym for Crossfit gear recommendations.

Have fun, get in shape, and be safe!