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Perhaps you have already spent years trying one special diet after another, spending effort and money on special exercise programs, food supplements and medications, and nothing has really worked. Right now, you have had to give up any thoughts about following special hobbies or sports, you have trouble simply getting around, and you certainly cannot spend the quality time you would like with your spouse or your grandchildren.  And your health problems seem to just keep on growing. Your knees are giving out and back problems are around the corner. You have trouble sleeping and have been on a CPAP machine for sleep apnea for years, and have been taking medication for high blood pressure.  A few months ago your doctor was showing concern that you were getting close to being formally diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Medically, you are considered as being morbidly obese. In other words, you weigh at least 100 pounds more than you should, and your Body Mass Index (BMI) comes out at more than 40. You know it is time to do something. Undergoing weight loss surgery is particularly appropriate for you and others with these characteristics.

What is Involved?

There are different kinds of weight loss surgery, but almost 90% of the procedures performed are gastric bypass surgery. This procedure involves making a small pouch on the stomach. The main part of the stomach is bypassed, and a connection is made for the small amount of food in the pouch to move to the small intestine. Simply stated, two things happen. Food ends up passing most of the intestines without digestion, so fewer calories are absorbed.  Also, because no digestive juices are produced in the small intestine, and high calorie foods and sweets cause considerable discomfort when they are eaten, so they are quickly dropped from the diet. The end result is a considerable reduction in caloric intake, and sustainable weight loss.

What you Have to Know Before you Make a Decision

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You know that going through with gastric bypass surgery can have great health and life style benefits for you and those around you. But before you make your final decision, be sure you consider the potential risks. First be aware that major surgery is involved, so the usual risks are there. This includes potential infections, blood clots, respiratory problems or perhaps even heart failure. Then consider the risks specific to this kind of operation. There make be stomach leaks or possible obstructions in the bowel. You will want to commit to proper post-surgical monitoring to be sure that your body continues to receive the nourishment it needs.

There are risks associated with gastric bypass surgery, but they may well be outweighed by the risks you face by not undergoing the procedure.