Writing for some people is their passion in life. They study the great authors of historical classic and try to mimic some of the classic author's style while forming their own personal style of writing. Proper grammar and prose is absolutely necessary to these writers.

If you fall into this style of writer then you may be absolutely horrified when someone misplaces a comma. You may be disgusted at the wording that sounds like it is targeted towards an 8th grader level.

A web content writer on the other hand is writing, generally at an 8th graders level, to sell products. In the case of InfoBarrel we are trying to get people to click on the Google Adsense ads. If you write properly then a person will click on an Adsense ad and then buy the product. Everybody wins.

As a content writer I realize that we are not trying to recreate Moby Dick for InfoBarrel. We are simply producing content for Advertisers. As a web content writer you realize that intentionally misspelled words can be a goldmine.

As a web content writer you are not trying to write a classic literary article, you are simply writing web content to help sell products.

Creative Writing

InfoBarrel does not have a category specifically for creative writing. If you like to do some creative writing then go ahead. You can combine styles of the classic literary prose along with modern web content standards. If you want to only write fancy prose then go ahead. If you want to simply write at an 8th graders level so you can try and earn more with Adsense then go ahead.

Writing should be fun for you. If you enjoy writing then you will write more. If you want to write fancy prose then I encourage you too. If you hate fancy prose and only want to write with web content standards in mind then go ahead and write that way. If you want to mix and match, combine, and twist it up then use any all styles simultaneously.

As long as you are enjoying the actual writing process the clicks to Adsense and other advertisers will come. One of the writers who have a style that I enjoy reading is desperatejournalism

People are more apt to click on an Adsense ad if you write with web content standards such as writing in an 8th grade level. If you do not like to write this way then you will not write as much and your earnings will be lower.

Find your own writing style, feel free to experiment and have fun. As long as you continue to write new articles consistently for InfoBarrel you earnings will rise.

If you are truly a literary style writer then InfoBarrel may not be your cup of tea. If however, you can lean to integrate the two styles of writing then you should be very successful with InfoBarrel as long as you keep pumping out new content daily.

If you are write web content then you should not denigrate those who come to InfoBarrel and try to use fancy prose and 100 percent grammar. On the same token literary style writers should not condescend web content writers for not using commas properly or other improper grammar usage.

Mark Twain was criticized when the Adventures of Tom Sawyer was published for using slang instead of proper English. Web content writers in many ways are the Mark Twains of the current generation.