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If you are a pet owner, then you know it doesn't take much for them to get out of hand, or do something that has you wondering what you are suppose to do right?

Well, sometimes you just need some information on what to do. What if your cat ate a leaf from a plant and you don't know if it is on the danger list? What if your dog is shaking and that chocolate bunny is missing? If you have a veterinarian on speed dial, then that might be your answer, but sometimes you just want some answers, and all you have on you is your phone.

Well, if you own a iPhone, you can now get apps for your pets.

Pet First Aid (iPhone App)

This is a great app, for if you are not sure what to do, and if something your cat or dog did needs emergency care, or just some information.

You can find your answers in this first aid app, it has tons of articles, pictures and videos on pet illnesses, common injuries, and what you can do to help your pet. You can also find out information you might not know, such as what is the right heart rate for your cat or dog, and how to take their temperature and what is normal. Maybe your dog has a fever?

You can even store your pets information so you can refer to it quickly.

Pet Safe (iPhone App)

This app is great, especially for example if your cat ate a plant you are not sure about. It has a list of toxic plants for cats and dogs, and it will show a picture as well to help you identify what your cat ate.

This can be the difference between life and death for your pet. If you know the plant then your veterinarian can work to make your pet better, rather than having to guess which type of poison it is.

Pet Snap (iPhone App)

Pet snap is an app, that will play sounds so that you can get a good picture of your pet! But be ready you might get a lot of onlookers as you are trying to snap the picture. This is a camera application.

There are up to 32 sounds to choose from that include everything from kitty cat chatter to dogs barking to background noises, like suddenly paper being torn or other sudden noises that will get the attention of your pet, for that split second, so you can snap that perfect picture!

You can zoom in for a great framed picture, and then you can upload your cute pictures to Face book!

Pet Phone (iPhone App)iphone pet apps

If you have a few pets, it can be hard to keep track of all their medical information. This app is great for keeping track of veterinarian appointments or maybe the groomer, and when everyone is due their shots. You can post a picture and all their information beside the picture so you can keep your pets straight!.

It is also great if you have any ongoing treatments that you need to keep track of for your pet. Such as a weight loss program for your cat or dog. You can graph their weigh ins. It has a back up, so that you won't lose this important information.

There are so many apps now for your iPhone, but if you are a pet owner, there are more and more that are helpful to you. The above are just a few, check them out and see what else you can get that will help you with your pet.