Are you Plus Size? According to my research.. approximately 60% of North American women are considered "plus size". Which is considered size 14 and up..

Many brides to be have made themselves sick, trying to slim down enough to fit into that "perfect" skinny sized wedding dress or gown, under a size 14, only to feel horrible on their special day. There are tons of "wedding diets" on the market, and crash diets to lose weight fast.. all for the sake of being able to wear a single digit sized wedding gown. Some manufacturers, even size their products, so that a plus size bride feels skinnier based on the size tag.

Is this how you want to be on your wedding day? Half starved, feeling sick and pale and faint. (No makeup will get rid of that look.) Not likely, and if you are size 14 and up, and are starting your search for that perfect plus size wedding dress or gown.. then also take note, that many top designers have been reacting to this hungry crowd and realized that there is a need for beautiful, stylish, trendy and chic wedding dresses and gowns, designed for size 14 and up.

With the acceptance of plus size models such as: Crystal Renn and Nancy Hayssen as the norm at many fashion shows now.. plus size girls are getting the attention from top designers.

If a dress is designed to fit your curves, no matter what size they are, you will look your best, and you will feel your best. Stay away from that idea, that you will buy the dress a size to small to encourage you to lose weight for the big day. That puts way too much pressure on you and your self esteem.

You spend a lot of money for that special day, you want to enjoy every minute. So, get a dress that fits you NOW, then you don't have to worry about that "wedding crash diet" that many brides try the week before their wedding. You will just cause yourself ill health, and not feel good on your day. Your hubby to be, fell in love with you the way you are. Get a dress that accentuates your best parts, and minimizes your not so good parts, and you will look and feel great.

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There should be no tugging, and remember, breathing is not suppose to be an "option" you need to be able to breathe and move around freely. You will be socializing with your guests, and you need to feel your best. You don't want to spend hundreds on a dress only to be doing a countdown to when you can take it off. This is just silly. You dreamt about your wedding day, and you should be able to enjoy it and remember it, and smile like you mean it for the camera. Not look in pain!

The Wedding Industry is spending the time now, creating beautiful designs in ALL sizes. Top designers are creating beautiful plus size wedding dresses, gowns and fashions that fit the curves in all the right places, making you look stunning and beautiful.. Which is what you want on your special day. You do not want to look like someone poured you into a wedding dress. Make sure you take all your measurements before you look, and don't get stuck on the size tag, that way you can get a dress that truly hugs your own curves.

This is your special day! You want to look and feel your best. With the right fitting dress, designed for your size and figure type, you will look like a "10" no matter what size you are, with no bulges or tugging.. Enjoy your day, be able to breathe and smile and laugh..

if you get the dress to fit well then the size tag doesn't matter because you will be beautiful!
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