Odd as this may sound - do you ever feel that you are not of this world? That you were somehow plucked from an older, gentler time and dropped into a cold and unfriendly place? You may have vague memories of your great-grandmother's time-worn hands smoothing your hair; thanking you for washing her dishes. You recall your Mother handing over your new-born baby brother and knowing that, forever, he was your responsibility. You remember her unspoken ed trust - "I know you can do it."

You had a place in this world. You belonged. You were needed. You were loved.

When did this change for you and does it really matter?

Yes, it matters. If you are not comfortable in this world you cannot be who you were meant to be. You cannot create. You will always feel like "a square peg in a round hole." You will not fit.

Since the dawn of time, no matter your belief system, the word "create" has existed. That being said; doesn't it make sense to you that we were meant to be creators?

It is said that everyone is perfect. That this is a perfect world in a perfect universe. A lot of perfects; don't you think? Could this be true? Are we all, in fact, perfect? Without flaw? Then how can the world go around; if everything and everybody is just perfect? Look around you. There is perfection everywhere. The sun. The moon. The stars. Absolutely perfect.

Can a "square peg" be perfect too?

Yes, of course and it is. But should you yearn to be a "round peg" instead of a"square peg" you will not feel the perfect satisfaction you are entitled to. You have heard the platitudes "with all good comes evil" or "one must take the bitter with the sweet." It is a truth that this is the only way to appreciate the differences between good and evil and equally true that these differences are needed to make the world go around.

Therein lies the paradox. Why can't the the perfect "square peg" fit into the "round hole" perfectly?

You, a diverse perfect being, must desire. You can attract that which you desire. The law of attraction belongs to all. It is said that this world and this universe are ever expanding and that we, as beings, are ever expanding as well. In our expansion we must celebrate our differences. You can will your desires to come to you by being accepting and happy with your place in this world.

It is in this place you can create. By creating you are marking your place in this world. By your very existence you do have a place in this world and you do have the right to leave your mark. Do you want to write? Do you want to paint? Do you want to help people create? There is a place in this world that needs your unique mark.

If in fact, you are a square peg in a round hole; celebrate this fact. It is uniquely yours. Embrace it. Recognize in your soul that this is good and right for you. This is your unique and undeniable truth. Take this truth for a walk, show it off and "stop and smell the roses". Let it be your badge of courage and honor. Be as no other being before. Open your heart and let creation flow through your veins. There is no other being in this world like you and remember, there are no accidents. Let your square peg be what it is and happy where it is, right now, no matter where you are and let it be what it was meant to be - happy and creative.

Acknowledge your truths and desire to attract experience and knowledge in this world and your life will be filled with fulfillment and joyous satisfaction of expression of who you truly are and all you truly can be.

You will be able to remember your place in this world again and rightfully enjoy this fantastic journey.