Laser eye treatment is a wonder in today's technology. However, not everyone can have this procedure. There are individuals who are rejected for certain reasons and one of those reasons is age. If you are either too old or too young, you might not qualify for laser eye treatment. Here's why.

Kids who have myopia are not advised to have laser eye treatment just yet because their bodies will go through physical changes and the eyes are no exception to those changes. Having laser eye treatment at such a young age would require eyeglasses in the future because of the changes that will happen to a kid's eyesight. It is advised that prescription be stable for at least a year before thinking of having the operation. Some even wait for two yearsjust  to be sure that eyeglasses will no longer be needed following the surgery. Unfortunately, stabilization commonly occurs when one reaches his or her late 20s or early 30s. However, this is not the case for everyone.

Older people, on the other hand, are more prone to certain eye conditions such as presbyopia. This is also a natural process for middle-aged people which begins in the mid-40s. With presbyopia, focusing becomes a challenge as the crystalline lens inside the eye hardens. Optometrists would prescribe reading glasses or bifocal/multifocal spectacles to help with the situation.

Presbyopia can be treated with either PresbyLasik or Monovision laser eye treatment. For PresbyLasik, multiple powers are introduced into the eye to shape the cornea to make seeing simultaneously with both eyes up close or in distance possible. With Monovision laser eye treatment, on the other hand, one eye is corrected to see up close while the other is treated to see far in the distance. Of course, not everyone can adapt to this and some may even find it uncomfortable at first. Prior to the surgery, your eye doctor should first try this out with monovision contact lenses.

Other eye conditions such as cataract, macular degeneration, and glaucoma are also more prevalent to middle-aged people and these issues should first be resolved before laser eye treatment begins.

Suffice it to say, complications will arise if you decide to have laser eye treatment if you are too young or too old. Not only will you waste thousands of dollars on a procedure that could be unsuccessful, but you may end up damaging your eyesight even more.

Consult your local optometrist to find out if laser eye treatment is the perfect choice for you. Your eye doctor should tell you all about the possible risks and expected results as well as a personal recommendation after a detailed eye exam has been performed.

Are You in the Right Age Range to Have Laser Eye Treatment?