Well, you did it. Your acne is gone. Your doctor says that the chances for a future outbreak are slim to none, and you are finally free of the pimples. You have a skin care regimen in place, and you are looking forward to an acne free future.

Just one challenge remains: You need to get rid of the pimple scars that years of torment left behind. So how will you do it? We are about to find out, but first let's make sure you are even ready to proceed:

  • First - let's make absolutely sure that your acne is not going to come back. Why? Because acne scar removal can be a long, expensive and sometimes even painful process. What a shame to go through all the time, money and discomfort only to have to repeat the process a few months later.
  • How do you feel about your scars? Will it really be worth all the time and expense of you getting rid of pimple scars, or are you being a little vain? Some of us have this picture in our heads of the perfect face, and we tend to become very unhappy if we are not meeting it. Ask your partner, your family and your friends how bad they think it is. Unless you have had really bad acne for some time, most likely they will tell you that you look OK.
  • Next consider the expense. How much this will cost will be determined to a large extent by the methodology your dermatologist or surgeon (Yes, I said surgeon!) chooses. That is right - you are not going to pick the treatment, and actually, neither is your doctor. The way that you get rid of your pimple scars will be determined by the kind and severity of your scarring.
  • What are your chances of succeeding? If your doctor is telling you that you might drop five thousand on this, and still have pits or redness, you may want to take a pass

  • Lastly, it makes sense to take your overall medical condition into account. Can you withstand laser skin removal? Is there something in your life or schedule that will preclude your investing the proper amount of time for recovery? If you can give an affirmative answer after considering the above, you are ready to take the next step.
Go and see your dermatologist and get a plan put into place. Then make sure you have a proper support network in place to take care of you if you need to be out of work, or are unable to do your normal household chores. Once you have all the pieces in place, pull the trigger, and look forward to the new you in the mirror.