Did you know that apples, celery, and carrots act like natural stain removers?  Dr. Jeffery Gross further states that they increase saliva production and that is the body’s built-in cleaning agent.  Have you ever met someone, they smiled at you, and you discovered their teeth were so yellow that it just distracted from the entire conversation? 

Over the Counter Whitening Strips and Rinse

Besides changing your lifestyle with your diet, you might want to consider the Whitening Strips which are peroxide based.  Instructions are to use it usually twice a day, 30 minutes for about 14 days.  According to webmd the results should last about 4 months.  That is not bad for 14 days of work.  They further add that the whitening rinse  may take up to 12 weeks and you just swish them around in your mouth for about 60 seconds. I like the idea of swishing for only 60 seconds, because that is not a long time.

Using a straw when drinking coffee, tea, or soda, can cut the direct exposure to your teeth according to Elizabeth Renter.  I cannot imagine drinking coffee or tea with a straw, but I figure if I do it with soda, I could do it with other dark beverages.

Sometimes you might think that your children are not brushing properly.  Maybe you have them brush a second time.  Possibly there is another reason that their teeth are yellow.  Foods such as blueberries, soy, cherries, or sodas can cause your children’s teeth to yellow. Christina McDonald-Legg emphasized this.  I know that it is important to take a look at the foods that we eat.

Your Dentistryguide.com states that in office whitening can cost on an average of $399-$500.  The advantages of in office whitening are it produces faster results, a safe form of teeth bleaching, and gum sensitivity is more controllable.   The disadvantage is that it is more expensive, results are unpredictable, and it is not a permanent solution because stains can start accumulating again.

Dailyfinance.com emphasizes the over the counter whitening strips and in home trays can cost anywhere from $17 to $55.00.  They further state that the strips are more convenient especially for those that are on the go.

According to the Dental Net Editorial Staff black tea, berries, colas, tobacco, medications and aging can cause teeth discoloration.  I have seen those that chew tobacco and some smoker’s teeth’s.  The discoloration is almost brown.  That is far deeper than any yellow discolorations.   Also, I recall a  friend of mine telling me when she first married that her husband had beautiful white teeth, then after marriage he stopped brushing and all of his teeth started decaying rapidly.  I wonder what he was thinking?  If your teeth are not white enough, remember you do have options to try at home whitening or going to the dentist to have it done.  There is no need to settle for yellow teeth. [7354][7355][7356][7357][7358][7359][7360]


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