Choosing toddlers’ toys is very important because it does not only enhance the toddlers’ growth and development but it also helps the children to have fun. Toys are not just for children to play but they are also educational. While some people find choosing toys for toddlers an easy job, there are some who find it a hard task.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing toys for toddlers:

Age Appropriateness

There are toys for every age bracket. You can see the tag of the toy to find out if the toy you are buying is appropriate for your toddler. Do not underestimate the warning attached to the toy package because it is there where you can find the appropriateness of the toy. If the tag says the toy is for ages 3-6 then refrain from buying it because it is not appropriate for your toddler.


Durability does not only assure longevity of use but it also avoids spare parts from getting dismantled. Choosing a toy that is durable will not only save money due to long use but it also prevents accidents from happening to very young children. This characteristic of a toy is very important if you want your toddler to be safe while playing.


There are cases where toys have been found to have toxic contents that are harmful to kids. While there are laws prohibiting use of harmful contents in all products especially children related products, there are still products with harmful contents that have reached the markets. To make sure you are buying safe toys for your toddler, research on the products and ask around from people who have tried the toys. The dangers that young kids face for playing toys that are unsafe should at all times be prevented from happening so as concerned guardians you should be very particular about this issue.

Free from Small Parts

Toddler’s toys must not include small parts. Young children love putting objects in their mouth, ears and nose so they should not be given toys with small spare parts.  Young kids do not understand what the small spare parts of toys are. They will have fun playing with the toys and if they find small parts, they will put them in their mouth. The usual problem of parents is children swallowing small objects that they have picked up on the floor, this includes small spare parts from toys.


While toys are for playing, they must also be educational. There are countless educational toys available in the market. Educational toys help enhance the toddler’s mental and motor development. There are different kinds of toys that help toddlers learn the basic skills in life. It is always good to find out what fits the needs of your toddler.

Choosing toys for toddlers properly will be very beneficial to them. Remember that the early years of children’s life are crucial and you should enhance proper growth and development by choosing the appropriate toys for them.