Are Your YouTube Partner Earnings at Risk? - Why You Should be Worried.

If you’re the sort of YouTube user who uploaded videos to YouTube long before the YouTube partner program was introduced, and who considers any money made from something you love doing anyway pure gravy, then you’d probably be more concerned about the loss of your video uploading privileges should your account be closed, rather than the loss of your YouTube partner earnings. But for those who’ve started to take YouTube a little more seriously in recent years as a stable source of online income, there are a few issues that you should be made aware of.

Because whether you’re getting out there and sharing the world with YouTubes visitors, making funny home videos, or creating full-blown animated masterpieces, these things take time, effort, and sometimes money to create. Meaning that should you have invested considerable time and resources into creating great content for YouTube, in the hope of creating as full-time income from your online enterprise, then the last message you’re going to want to wake up and see in your e-mail box, is one half-explaining that your YouTube account has just been closed down.

And should that happen you’ll most likely be offered no explanation, over and above being informed that in some way you’ll never know, at least one of your videos was in violation of the YouTube community guidelines.

Of course it’s all just a big mistake, you’re innocent, we all are, and as soon as we’ve contacted the powers that be at YouTube, we’ll soon have this all straightened out.

How to Contact YouTube
Unfortunately you can’t. Whether such a feature ever existed and has long since been removed I can’t remember, but I do know that it exists no more. The forums are full with users trying to find means through which to contact those who operate what is without doubt one of the biggest entities on the Internet, and who have failed. There is a legend within the YouTube forums that claims that somewhere, hidden deeply away, exists a phone number that can be used to air grievances for those who are persistent enough to seek it out. But some who claim to have found it suggest that this number is nothing more than yet another runaround, and that upon dialing you are met with nothing more than a mocking automated voice at the Google switchboard, that offers you no help what-so-ever.

In addition to which, it is generally believed within the YouTube partner forums that account closures occur mainly when video content is flagged a specific number of times by viewers, and that YouTube with its huge user base and millions of daily visitors, but only seventy odd staff, does not have the means to conduct proper video moderation / account reviews when such issues arise. Meaning that it is believed by top-contributors to the YouTube forums, that accounts are often closed based on flagging alone, with no official review given before account closure.

Which means should you have uploaded something that while still firmly within the YouTube guidelines is in any way controversial, an unpopular viewpoint, or even just falls foul of competitors or malicious types, you may well find your operation closed down pretty swiftly, and all your hard work wasted. With no way to argue your case for reinstatement, or even access your own videos in order to retrieve them if backups were not made. At this point it's all gone, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Are Your YouTube Partner Earnings Safe?

* As you probably know the YouTube partner program is monetised by Google’s advertising platform ‘Adsense’, which comes with a pretty tight set of guidelines and limitations, meaning that the days of uploading content to YouTube of a more choice nature are over. In fact this site itself (Hubpages) recently underwent a cleansing due to the Google Adsense TOS (terms of service) dumping any content with even the slightest hint of colorful language, even down to the point of removing health articles if they contained even the tamest words used to describe human genitalia. So you’d better read the YouTube partner program TOS very very carefully, and make sure it applies 100% with not just new content, but also any videos you may already have uploaded to your account previously. Because you'll only get one chance to get it right.

* YouTube partner accounts and Google Adsense accounts are linked, which means putting one in danger could result in your entire account being closed.


The YouTube partner program in its current state is unstable, and while there is money to be made through it, even with the tightest of compliance with its TOS you could still end up finding out that all of the time and all of the effort you invested in it, would have been far more profitable (long-term) if invested elsewhere. And as such it should be considered to be a nice little bonus for casual users, but an incredibly volatile long-term venture.