Regardless of the type of flooring you have in your home you probably still own a vacuum. If you have hardwood or tiled floors you may be able to supplement your vacuuming with a dry mop. Carpeted floors need frequent vacuuming in order to prevent the break down of fibers and to extend the life of this type of material. So which type of vacuum should you purchase to keep your floors clean?

Things to consider

Ever since the first bagless vacuums hit the market several years ago they have been a hit with many consumers. But what are the real advantages of owning a vacuum that does not require a bag to collect the debris that is picked up from your floors? Do these advantages really impact our lifestyles?

For starters, the joy of owning a bagless vacuum is pretty simple – no bag is required. This is important for several different reasons. Think of how many times you have gone to vacuum your floors only to remember that the bag in your vacuum needed to be changed. Unfortunately there are no more bags so you have to make a trip to the store before you can even start your chores. Keep your fingers crossed they aren't sold out of the size bag you need. This situation is a major inconvenience not to mention an extra expense in your budget!

With a traditional vacuum that requires a bag you really have to be careful it does not get overfilled. If this happens you will notice that the vacuum will also lose its suctioning ability which means no dirt will be removed from your floors. If you are lucky you have a model that has an indicator light that will alert you when the bag is full. If not you will have to occasionally check the bag and guess when it needs to be replaced.

One of the nice thing about bagless vacuums is the collection container is clear. There is typically a "fill" line that indicates when you should remove the container and dump the contents. You can easily glance at this line to determine if the container needs to be emptied. You can empty it as frequently as you like without feeling bad about wasting a bag that might not quite be full!

There are downsides to owning a bagless vacuum. It is important to note that not all bagless vacuums are created equally. In many cases it is quite the chore to remove the container in order to empty it. Some models may even have messy filters stuck inside the container that must first be removed to allow access to the dirt that needs emptied. It is certainly worth examining the model you are considering purchasing to ensure that container access is simple. Otherwise your bagless vacuum will be more of a hassle that it may be worth!

If your house if full of carpet or area rugs a bagless vacuum is probably worth the investment – if you select the right model. If you only vacuum on occasion you may not mind buying a few bags here and there. Personally, I think the bagless vacuum is the better investment simply because I find it to be rewarding. It's amazing watching the dirt pile up in the container and you just don't get that kind of satisfaction with a traditional vacuum!