Freedom of Choice

Bit by bit the powers to be are taking control of our freedom of choice. We all have to do our bit to stop them from ruling our lives and stopping us from choosing the way we want to live and the products we choose to buy and eat. Governments need to take responsibility in each country for the way products and people are manipulated and manufactured.

 Many countries have banned the production of a variety of products, foods and even toys because they have been proved to contain some poisonous and harmful chemicals.  Yet other countries still allow these same products to be sold on our shelves today.  How can we stop this from continuing?

One thing we can all do is grow our own fruit and vegetables in our own back yards.  At least we will know they are free of poisonous chemicals.  Even if you have a small back yard you can still grow a few vegetables in pots.

Selling our personal information

 More and more companies are selling your personal information.  I had someone knock on my door a couple of years ago asking if he could service my swimming pool. When I asked how he knew that we had a pool he promptly told me that he had bought the information on who had swimming pools from our local council. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed.

This is happening more and more every day.  I read just recently that even Facebook is selling our information.  So I would suggest that you go into your settings and make sure you limit what information you allow others to see. 

At the same time you can also stop those other annoying things from continually popping up on your page.  You can stop them by going to privacy settings, and click on Edit, under apps and websites.  You can also stop or limit a lot of other things by going into your account settings. We all have to protect our information as much as possible.

 Heart tick of approval

The heart foundation started to mark products with a tick of approval; I thought it was to help us live healthier lives.  What has happened?  There are so many products placing ticks on their products, that I believe it is more confusing than helpful.  You only need to look at the many articles on the internet about products with the tick that are actually not healthy.

Buy locally produced products

We personally spend ages in our supermarkets reading the labels, trying to buy locally produced products.  For instance, made in Australia could mean that 51% of the article is made in Australia.  Manufacturers are making it harder and harder to read where the products are made on their labels.  Then they confuse us even more by saying locally and imported products.  The local product could refer to the water used, the labels, the packaging, or the container holding the product. It does not actually have to be the product inside the container that is made locally.

Things to watch out for in your Supermarkets

Supermarkets are mixing local with imported fruit and vegetables

 Countries are importing more and more food products from many different countriesNow our big supermarkets are adding to the problem by tricking us.  Yes they are mixing our local grown fruit and vegetables on the shelves with imported fruit and vegetables. 

That way we cannot know which orange or apple was grown locally or imported. They should be made responsible for their actions.  Why are the powers to be allowing this to happen?

We need to make sure everyone is aware of the things that are happening in our world and all do what we can to stop this.  We should be able to make the choice of buying local or imported goods, not be told by the powers to be what we can or cannot buy.

Manufacturere Reducing size of products

Some stores are reducing the prices, but we will not benefit as manufactures are now reduceing the sizes of products and we are still being charged the same price.

I bought some potato chips last week they were 250grams now I see them in a 200 gram packet.  We have to complain and not let them use us this way.  Make sure you check the sizes of packages before buying.  One may look cheaper but is it the same or smaller amount of the product.

Bacon used to be 1kg pkts now you will see the 750 gram packets right next to the 1kg packets and often the 750 is just a fraction under the price of the 1kg.  If you are not looking you will not notice this.

Charging errors on the till

How many times do you check your dockets for errors.  Two weeks running I have been overcharged $1 on two separate articles.  That may not be much but if you shop in Woolworths and you take it back you will get that article free.  That does help. Esecially if it is on articles over $10 or more.


Many times we see articles reduced although when put through the till we are actually charged the full tote odds.

Why do people controlling our purse strings waste money on art like this?

Steggles Chickens

I recently bought a Steggles chicken and when I opened the plastic covering It had half a mug of water in it.  Then I was horrified to see all the stab marks in the skin of the Chicken.

Disgusted I sent an email to Steggles and this is a copy of their reply

Good afternoon,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

All whole chickens are processed through submersion of water for approx 45mins. During this time they are chilled and cleaned. Prior to packaging product is placed through a rumbler and then further travels on a weigh (drip) line to drain any excess water content.
For non marinated whole birds this is the only process where water content is added to the product.
If whole birds are self basted (marinated) then further injection is required for tenderising / taste as per product and customer specification.

To manage this raw bird sizes are increased to allow for moisture loss and correct finished bird weight to specification.

Kind Regards,

Belinda Jones
Steggles Customer Service

Needless to say after receiving that reply I said I would no long buy any of their chickens again.

What are your thoughts on this?

Note: This is just my personal opinion