I think the alternatives to Instagram photography apps are all just as generic as Instragram itself. Yes, it is kind of fun to add filters to photographs to give them a colorful feel, but at the end of the day the only difference between the these apps and a regular camera is just the filters and nothing more. These apps will not turn anyone into professional photographers, and the professionals undoubtedly have better software they use to enhance their work. That being said, since Instagram is so popular among everyday phone users, the Facebook buyout was probably a good idea. Facebook is a social network and doesn't need to cater to professionals. – Vancouver WA


I think the alternatives to Instagram photography apps are going to pale in comparison. I don't think they will ever be as popular as Instagram, and to be perfectly honest I'm happy. I don't know if it's because I'm a little tired, but I feel this in an extreme way. I've had instagram for quite some time and I am very satisfied with it. I've also had an alternative that I paid about three dollars for, and it wasn't even worth it. I could do way more on Instagram for free. I've also tried another Instagram alternative on my sister's Android phone and it was garbage as well. And when I found out that Facebook purchased Instagram I had mixed feelings. I was happy for the Instagram team, and I was pissed because Facebook doesn't have our interest at heart. They just want to make money and sell our information. – Lawrenceville GA

I think the alternatives to Instagram photography apps are both, good and bad. Some of the alternatives to instagram are Hipstamatic, Snapseed, Pixlr-o-matic, Picplz, Hipster, Camera+, Streamzoo, Lightbox Photos, and Flickr. All of these alternatives have ios and android versions. I find these alternatives to be just as good as instagram in many aspects. However,when it comes to popularity, instagram surpasses all of these alternatives. Although instagram may be more popular than these apps, some of these apps have the same basics, and some, have even better features. I find the idea of Facebook acquiring instagram to be selfish. – Hialeah Florida

I think the alternatives to Instagram photography apps are definitely more appealing, especially when you consider the price that Facebook paid to acquire Instagram. Facebook essentially paid one billion dollars just for the Instagram name. I do not believe Instagram provided a superior product to other photography apps, they just simply have the hottest and most popular name at this time. Had Facebook decided to pursue a different photography app, I am quite confident that they could have eclipsed the popularity of Instagram within a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, I definitely believe that Facebook could have acquired one or more of the other photography apps for much less than one billion dollars. – Mahomet IL

I think the alternatives to instagram photography apps are a good thing. I have an iPhone and I know there are many other photography apps available besides instagram. I used instagram for a while but I will probably be switching over to a different app soon. Facebook is becoming too big of an icon and I know I'm just one person but I, personally, do not wish to support Facebook in becoming any larger than it already has become. I wish more people would switch over to a different app. The other apps available are actually just as good, if not better, than instagram and are just as easy to use and produce the same quality pictures. -  Mobile AL

I think the alternatives to Instagram photography apps is not a bad idea, might be taking away business from Instagram photography app but to me that is the business. Another unknown company is always going to bite of something that is going good for another company. Yes I think there are reputable alternatives to Instagram. I feel Facebook made a great choice in purchasing the photography app because Facebook is always looking for other ways to expend there company. Instagram is bringing in more business for Facebook. Purchasing Instagram was not in any shape or form a mistake for Facebook. – Hemingway SC

I think the alternatives to Instagram photography apps are very few in terms of what is actually useful. Snapbucket offers a decent alternative, but one of the more common problems is whether or not it has Facebook sharing capabilities. Some phones with cameras come with a Facebook sharing app built right in. I think this might be a mistake if a new social network comes along and sweeps up Facebook's members. However, to put a third party app such as instagram with a Facebook means that the capabilities are not limited to and anchored to the phones OS but rather the app instead which can be removed and customized. – Wayland MI

Once Facebook starts putting ads on Instagram photos watch users leave it in droves. Having said that Instagram is a good case study on how to sell something of not much value but hype it up so much that large companies take notice and buy it out. The CEO of Instagram must be laughing all the way to the bank. – San Jose CA

I think the alternative to INSTAGRAM photography apps are just as well polished as instagram. I think the alternative to instagram photography apps are not as social media inclined. I think the alternative to instagram photography apps are just as graphically pleasing as instagram. I think the alternative to Instagram photography apps are just as capable, if not moreso than INSTAGRAM. I think the alternative to instagram photography apps are not as popular because there are some many of them. I think the alternative to instagram photography apps are not as popular because instagram came out for iphone first. I think the alternative to instagram photography apps are going to gain more popularity because instagrams capabilities are limited. I think the alternative to instagram photography apps are better because they offer a variety of filters than INSTAGRAM does not. – Oakland CA

I think the alternatives to Instagram photography apps are not directly comparable to Instagram, and thus don’t represent the market that Facebook is attempting to enter. Like Instagram, Camera+ provides filters, but it does not have the social underpinnings that Instagram has. Likewise, Diptic’s focus is on the creation of photo collages, which is not at all what Instagram is about. Facebook’s purchase of Instagram would only constitute a mistake if better or cheaper alternatives exist for Facebook’s intended purpose, which the public is not currently privy to. As such, it’s not for us to judge at this juncture. – London GB

I think the alternative to instagram photography apps are sub par at best. The apps that are created to rival the instagram photography apps are merely carbon copies of the real thing. It would be hard to find a reputable reliable app that would perform the same functions with the ease that instagram provides. I believe that sticking with the instagram photography app will not only allow for easier integration but it will also give you greater peace of mind knowing that it is not a knock off. Making reference to the app itself would be a good start to realize the potential that it has. I would play it safe for this decision and get the app that has a track record of success through it’s popularity and reliability. – West Palm Beach FL,

Instagram is special because it's everything Facebook isn't. It's simple, elegant, easy to use and doesn't force you to use it in a way you don't like. And creating it was a labour of love for the staff, who at the most recent count numbered 13. I'd say love wasn't exactly a priority for Mark Zuckerberg when he made Facebook. – Albaby NY

The photo filters in instagram are not unique and most users probably already have a Facebook account. Facebook should have added filters to their own photo system and gotten the same results with a 99.999% reduced price tag. – Washington NJ

I think the alternatives to Instagram photography apps are really simple to make and the company Facebook just chose the company with the biggest message saving and sending service. Facebook would have bought the rights to use that service from another company if that said company was as big if not bigger then Instagram. Instagram is a good service is Facebook will enjoy them to the fullest extent and so will their user base. – Plainfield NJ

I think the alternatives to Instagram photography app are abundant, but the driving force and power of Facebooks name will surely make the lesser companies and apps crumble underneath their reign. I think the Facebook purchase will do good for it's own business, and show that it's wanting to start reaching and investing into more products. But for the 'little man' this isn't a good move. – Southend-on-sea GB

I think the alternatives to Instagram photography apps are viable and well made and in some aspects a better choice in interface and interaction. Camera+ and Diptic are fairly good examples of an arguably better product. I do not however think that the purchase by Facebook was a mistake. This is because Instagram had a large following and Facebook basically purchased an already popular app. – Mililani HL

I think the alternatives to Instagram photography apps will not gain the popularity instagram enjoys. The alternative apps will not be as widely used. I think the alternatives have been available for a while in app stores and have not caught on with large numbers of people. The will not meet the same success because they don’t offer anything different.– Franklin TN