Fasting is a practice that has been used all over the world for several centuries to achieve spiritual emancipation, healing, and wellness.  Nowadays, many individuals are embracing this technique of wellness to manage undesirable conditions and possible diseases. The most significant of all fasting health benefits is that fasting can stimulate the pituitary glands the production of the growth hormone. This has a positive effect and boosts the strength of the immune system.

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Studies conducted by Norwegian researches support the observation that fasting can help reduce the manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis among individuals who suffer this condition. Fasting also has the capacity to mitigate inflammation such as arthritis, colitis, and hepatitis. This was also corroborated by findings which showed that breaking a fast and embracing a healthy diet can help one to sustain fasting health benefits and vice versa.

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Closely related to this is the observation that individuals who fast for at least one month and later embraced a green diet experienced less inflammation of joints and improved health status.  Evidently, this reduces the build-up of wastes and fats occasioned a diet which is rich in meat. Adopting this practice can also be used to transition a diet which ultimately lowers build-up of calories and fat.

Real Results, Real Benefits

Recent studies have proven that fasting health benefits or therapeutic effects of fasting are real. One amazing thing about this age old custom of self-cleansing is that it has positive effects to both mind and body. In fact, fasting is one of the quickest techniques of cleansing and purifying the body of toxins and wastes. It also eliminates toxins from the circulatory system, the alimentary canal.


When there is build-up of wastes and toxins, the functional efficiency of organs is reduced. However, fasting has the capability of purifying and rejuvenating tissues and organs. This results in better PH level of blood, healthy organs and tissues which allows the organs to function at an optimum level. So if you want to eliminate the toxins and wastes which have clogged and bogged down your body, then you should embrace medium to long term fasts.

Toxin Elimination

Another significant health benefit is elimination of toxic wastes from the body. Normally, the food we consume is digested and afterwards there are wastes that result from cell metabolism. Although detoxification is constantly done by organs such as colon, kidney skin, and lungs, there is evidence to support the belief that fasting not only neutralizes but also enhances detoxification.

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Fasting can also be used to break from bad eating habits and to orient the individual to a whole some diet. This is true especially among addicts of alcohol or caffeine who may not get right nutrition because of overdependence of caffeine to stimulate their bodies to function. Other fasting health benefits which accrue to individuals who fast include elimination of impurities from the skin leading to smooth, healthy skin.


Lastly, individuals who are diagnosed with tumors and cysts or unusual accumulation of fluids can also fast to enhance drying of the inflammation. This will suppress the cancerous growth and slowdown its growth.