As a woman I love the fact that I can admire another woman’s beauty without feeling weird about it. I don’t have to question my sexual orientation just because I find someone of my gender attractive. In the course of my life I have had a few very attractive female friends; and I have found myself wanting to be them. Of course, we all want to look thinner, younger, and prettier. But I wonder, are there any downfalls to being extremely attractive.

Attractive people do seem to have it easier. In fact, there have been a few experiments involving an attractive woman and a not as attractive one, in which the outcome always favor the former.  In one experiment, both women had a flat tire parked in a busy city block. The attractive woman had multiple offers for help right away; whereas the less attractive one waited 20 minutes till someone offered to help.

When going out with a drop-dead gorgeous friend, I would feel a little jealous and annoyed at the same time. Jealous of all the attention she would get while I remained invisible; and annoyed with the constant interruptions. We can barely finish a sentence and there it came another poor hopeful testosterone-filled soul on his conquering quest.

To answer the question of this article, I can think of a few downfalls to being extremely attractive:

  • You just want to be ‘incognito’. Sometimes you just want to be left alone without the stares, the attention, and interruptions. Maybe a baseball cap and sweats can help.
  • You wonder whether your significant other loves you for who you are—or just for your looks.
  • You can be a source of distraction and cause others to trip and fall, walk into a pole, drop objects, etc. I witnessed a friend being the cause of a car crash. The driver was trying to flirt with her. He was obviously so distracted by her that he rear-ended another car.
  • If you also have brains, you have to prove yourself in order to be taken seriously, which can be exhausting.

I know there are a lot of attractive people out there who are very smart. They don’t focus too much on their looks. Instead, they focus on who they are as a person—their passions and their values.

The truth is no one has a perfect life. We all have our share of problems and flaws—no matter how good-looking you are.