There are many discussions about making money online.

Some methods seem easy at fast. One example is affiliate marketing. It seems such an easy to make money online.

You just need to sign up a couple of affiliate marketing program, and start to promote the items.

The signing up is free of charge. You can also use free methods to promote the products. You do not have to worry about the sales computation. You do not even need a website for promotion.

It seems easy, until you really get to do it. You may see a sale within a month, after you have put in a hundred hours searching for products, searching for ways to promote it, and telling all your friends and relatives.

The problem is that one single sale does not make much money.

If you sell one product for Amazon, you probably earn just a few cents or a dollar. That is way below your targeted earning.

Are there easy ways to make money online?

Yes, there are. The only problem is that online earnings are not enough to make a living.

You can probably make a few dollars a day. However, the accumulated earning does not reach a hundred dollars.

The easy ways to make money online do not guarantee big earnings.

Let us see what are the easy ways to make money online.

1. Mylot forum

You can join Mylot forum. With an hour of participating in the various discussion threads, you can earn at least ten dollars per month.

Some people earn twenty dollars per month, since they are fast typists, and they have a lot of things to say.

You can get a few referrals to increase the monthly earnings.

There is no technique involves. You do not have to sell anything. You do not have to know seo techniques or other methods of getting traffic.

You do not need a website or worry whether people read your posts or not.

The only thing you have to do is to participate actively. Do not read. Join in and air your opinion.

That is an easy way to make money online.

2. Games

You can join online games if you are a good gamer.

You need to focus on leveling. You have to build up a character to a higher level. Once you have done so, you can sell the character away.

Many gamers sell an empty character. That means they move all the equipments and gold to another character.

If you can build up a character for sale every month, you can earn money every month. That is an easy way to make money online for a good player. If you are not a gamer at all, you will find it hard to navigate.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing comes naturally to some people.

If you are an active member of a certain forum, you can use the forum signature space for affiliate marketing. For example, you can provide the affiliate link to Amazon website. Those cyber friends who click on the links and buy the products from Amazon will help you earn commission.

This method works if you love forum discussion, and the forums allow you to put the signature on every post you made.

4. Article writing

Article writing does not come easy to most people.

If you are a college student, you will find it easier to make money online through article writing.

The easiest way is to upload your coursework. You can even rewrite the test question and answer. Each question and answer is an article.

For example, when the test question calls for an example of critical path analysis, your answer is long enough for an article. You can add a few sentences here and there for seo purpose. As long as you have more than 400 words, you can see the page view and earnings increase.

Most working adults find it hard to make money from article writing. It is easier to view it as blog writing. Some websites, such as Triond, do not restrict the way you write. You can write in first person perspective or third person perspective.

As long as you can write, and you love to write, article writing is an easy way to make money online as well.

All these are easy ways to make money online. As previously mentioned, this does not mean you can make enough to retire.

It is relatively easy to make $30 per month than to make $3,000 per month. It requires a hundred times more effort and determination.

Another factor is the learning curve. Once you do something long enough, it gets easier and easier. If you do not start to learn and make money online now, you will find it tougher to start ten years later.