The other day I was minding my own business just walking down the road. A man passed me walking in the opposite direction and gave me a shifty glance. I thought nothing of it at the time.

About 15 min later I was crossing at some traffic lights to go to the park near where I live and the same man was walking towards me again. This time he was holding something in his hand which looked like a mobile camera or a smart phone and pointed at my face as he passed me. I thought this was a little bit odd as I'd just seen him before but it didn't bother me at the time.

I had a walk around the park and ended up sitting at the duckpond on a bench where I had a bag of mouldy bread that I threw to the ducks. About 50 metres across the pond was the man again, sat there staring at me. I started to feel a bit uncomfortable and wondered who he was. I got up and went over to the pull up bars and started doing some exercise. After about 10 min into my workout guess who was sitting on a bench not too far away pointing a mobile phone at me? It was the same man.

I started to jog home and when I got some distance from him increased my pace. When I got home I went inside and got my camera. The man was standing on the corner opposite my house talking to somebody in a car. I went over to him and without saying anything pointed my mobile phone camera in his face and took a picture. He said absolutely nothing but just gave me a cold stare. I went inside my house and uploaded the photograph to my PC.

There are various free online applications you can use to match images online. I took some time doing this that evening and it came back with quite a few mismatches. Bend it tooEventually it took me to a website where somebody had taken snapshots of videos posted on YouTube of the recent demonstrations against bankers bonuses. It turns out that this gentleman was identified by members of the crowd as being an undercover member of the Secret Service who was posing as a demonstrator on that particular day. Shockingly, he was more than passive and had actually attacked several policemen himself although the footage of the attacks seemed fabricated in the sense that the policeman who he attacked seemed to know what was going on.

The crowd had singled him out as an agent provocateur. This then begged the question, what on earth was he doing following me around? That evening I rang a friend who many months ago had told me he had had a similar experience. Subsequently, he was pretty sure that it was because of a twitter conversation he had with a supposed member of the hacker group known as anonymous! The lights went on at that second because only a week before this encounter with the mystery man I had had a series of exchanges on a political blog with somebody that claimed to be an organiser of the demonstrations against bankers bonuses and the bank bailouts. This person also had subsequently organised one of the occupy campaigns in London.

Is there really a network of spies and police agents following up on people after they have had innocent online conversations? I never saw this man again, though who knows what level of surveillance I am now under? I even read recently that Facebook have an arrangement with the Central Intelligence Agency in the form of an application that allows them access to online conversations. Evidently this is to alleviate the time-consuming requests that Facebook has an obligation to reply to when questioned by the authorities to provide information. Or is it more sinister than an online convenience?

I am not at heart a conspiracy theorist but this whole experience has made me question whether or not we are all being spied on by the New World order.