The majorities are more than in love with their jobs...

...they're addicted to it!

The paradox:

People don’t know what to do with their lives when they aren’t working, yet complain about their jobs all day long. The truth is that the majority wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they didn’t have to work anyways.

Just imagine a person going home, aching emotionally from the day’s efforts, and “recharging their batteries” for the rest of the day. No other passions. No other ambitions or intentions to leave their strangely enjoyed torture. And certainly no intention of starting a different job!


 Signs you are addicted to your job:

            You have no other hobbies

            You have no other hope but to see the day through.

            You complain about your job and can’t wait to get home, only to sit around not

pursuing after a solution!


The biggest tragedy in life is to look back and realize that you volunteered to take the path of least resistance!

It seems as though most people self-medicate after work from 5pm to 9am with mind-numbing media just to arrive back at work only 16 hours later for another round of 9am to 5pm. Even though no one is a Super Hero, 16 hours is more time than the average college student spends in classes for a whole week. That's a lot of time.

Do something else with your time!!!

This is not to suggest that all the hero mom’s and dad’s aren’t doing enough. And granted, this does not include the champions’ who run themselves to death just to make ends meet. If you’re just trying to survive, way to go! Disregard this post. But all should beware of automatically and falsely believing they are in such a situation.


How to overcome Job-Addiction:

        Pursue your hobbies

If you don’t know what your hobbies are, learn about yourself. Try lots of things.

The majority of successful entrepreneurial ideas start from a persons existing employment! Can you build on the knowledge you already have? Is there a simple solution to common problem you have? Someone put an eraser on the pencil and became a millionaire over it!

Take out a piece of paper and write a letter to yourself as if one year from now. Write what your life is going to be like in a year. Write down all the things you’ve “accomplished”. Pen some cool places you visited and the type of lifestyle you have. Write how you’ve personally changed. Actually quantify how much money you would be making then and how.

Become far-sighted. You need to dream! No one wants to look back to years on end of the same old job, always complaining, always hating it, but never doing anything about it!

Understand that you need to try new things and income avenues.

       Believe that everything you’re doing in life now, is just prep for the next thing to come.

When that next big thing comes, have guts to take it! After School, both manditory and not, the social “tracks” of life end. You were told to “go here”, “do this”, and "do EXACTLY that only”! Too many people feel that making a mistake in life will leave them behind. This is completely false because it is in learning from the mistake that you progress. The progress hardly comes if nothing is being failed.


(Progress is a function of failure)

            This is a call to those self-medicating, multi-media drowning, doubters and pouters, and those who are afraid to do something different because, "oh that can't be done". Bull crap! BREAK THE MOLD! If you hate your job, hate it for a reason and know what you would rather be doing. Know what employment, dream, or accomplishment you want to work toward and then DO IT! Go and FAIL hard at something!

Now my selfish note:

Those of us who are dreamers are tired of hearing people complain about their job's but never do anything about it! No extra skill being learned. No experiment for additional income on the side to actually escape the job itself. No new application or job interviews.  

The biggest tragedy of life is to look back and realize that you voluntarily chose the path of least resistance!