Are you allowed to rewrite plr articles for infobarrel is a pretty common question here on infobarrel. I'm sure a lot of the writers on here would debate over this issue but I got the answer straight from the horse's mouth: one of the admins answered this question on the Infobarrel site. His answer was: Yes, you are allowed to base your article on PLR material.

Now, it's important to note that although he said yes you can... he also said that you should be basing your article on PLR... I'm pretty sure he didn't mean change a few words here and there and then post it on Infobarrel.

Basically, the smart way to rewrite a PLR article for Infobarrel is to really change it up a bit... add some of your own ideas and in essence, only base your article on the PLR. Add something original to it. Add you own angle, your own voice, your own personality.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

That leaves the door pretty wide open for a huge opportunity. There is tons of FREE PLR out there on the net and if you really wanted to you could just download them, rewrite them by using your own opinions and personality, and uploading them to infobarrel. Now, I'm not saying this will make you any money. My own re-written PLR articles haven't made a penny yet but then again I'm still a very new writer on here. At the time of this writing, I've only been here for a little over 4 months now so only time will tell if this approach to writing on here has any real potential.

Here's what I have been doing instead lately: I've been just writing what's on my mind in my articles. Whenever I happen to be thinking about some kind of article idea, I sit down in front of my computer and start typing whatever comes to mind about that topic. I just keep writing and writing until I have enough words. It's as simple as that really.

Also, another tactic that I learned from one of the more successful writers on here is to use Analytics to see how people are finding your articles... ie. what keywords are they searching for and then if they're using a keyword you didn't really write about, write an article about it! That's another tactic I've been using.

One final thing I have been experimenting with is promoting a health and fitness product in my signature box as an affiliate on some of my articles. The beauty with health and fitness products is that your article doesn't even have to be in that niche since health and fitness is an interest and goal most people have in common in any niche really. I haven't made a sale just yet but I'm driving a steady amount of traffic through my hop link every single day and that should eventually lead to my first sale and then many more sales to come.

For an example of what I just talked about, check out my signature box on this page. That's exactly the signature I am currently using... hey, if you're interested in health and fitness, maybe you'll buy a copy of this product for yourself and help me make my first sale through Infobarrel. I wouldn't mind! hehe

Thanks for reading!

In every one of my articles including this one, I welcome and encourage comments. Cheers!