Are you balding and loosing hair?

Do you want your hair to stop falling out?

I started losing hair when I was 20 years old, and I was horrified. I did everything I could to stop the process, from expensive medication to new hair shampoo's and conditioners. I had to learn the hard way to find the secret to growing hair back, or at the very least stop it falling out!

Your hair is a delicate body part which takes years to cultivate and care for. It's a long term investment, so if you're looking for a quick fix, you won't find one! You need to start thinking in terms of 5 years at least to see your healthy hair return.
Make sure you are using the right shampoo.
The biggest mistake people make is to keep changing shampoo thinking they will find a miracle one to cure their hair loss. The truth is, you need to stick with one shampoo. The constant chemical change will wear your hair out and make it confused! When you stick to one shampoo, your hair will adjust to it. Hopefully you will pick a soft, mild shampoo for your fragile hair. It's also best not to use it too often, just shower with it every other time so your hair isn't worn out.


Ditch the conditioner if you don't need it.
Unless your hair is super dry and frizzy, use the conditioner on the ends of your hair. The more conditioner that gets into your hair roots, they will clog up and halt your hair growing process. It may even also cause your hair to fall out from weak hair roots.
I manage without conditioner almost all the time, especially when I live in hotter oilier climates.

Check out what kind of Water your shower uses.
I know the water in Hong Kong has chemicals in it which make my hair fall out fast! It's okay for asian hair because they are thicker and more resilient. My hair on the other hand was already thin and fragile. So check your water first and if possible get a filter tank. UK does not seem to have this problem so far, as ever since I used UK shower's I've noticed less hair falling out into the drain.

A balanced diet will help your future hair grow thicker and stronger, and that means eating less oily and fatty foods. A good amount of protein is good for growing nails and hair, so eat plenty of lean chicken or steak. If you're vegetarian you will need to eat alot more nuts to keep up!

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Trim your hair Regularly.
Your hair may have many split ends, which could mean that more hair is breaking off! If you have long hair, consider trimming your hair regularly or shortening it. Shorter hair means less weight and it won't break off near the roots. There are lots of sexy short hairstyles in style now, so you might as well jump in! Do you want thin long hair, or thick short hair? The choice is yours, but short thick hair will always look younger and fresher.

I hope these tips have helped you readjust your regime to fit your thinning hair, and hopefully your hair will grow healthier in the future.