Are you thinking of taking up an online MBA program?

If your job requires frequent travel, an online MBA is the logical choice.

You know the advantages of taking up an online MBA. You know that your career prospect depends on the MBA qualification.

Your boss has to justify your promotion. If you do not have a business degree, you know that it is nearly impossible to get into the senior management role.

When you look at the job scope of your boss, you can see that his time and energy are focus on budgeting and employee management. It has less to do with the engineering and technical difficulties.

That is why a business degree is a must for all employees who want to reach the management level. However, you have to consider other factors before you sign up for the online MBA program.

1. Awarding institution

You have to consider the awarding institution. It is better to take up online MBA with the top school rather than the unknown school.

The cost of online MBA from top school definitely is higher than the unknown school. However, you will gain from the quality of teaching, and the quality of students.

2. Time

You need to consider your available time for studying.

If you are working 60 hours work week, and to take care of your children, you may want to take up just one module per term.

You probably need a few years to complete the online MBA. That is worthwhile if you can score very well for each and every module.

If your boss is supportive of your online MBA program, you can ask for a reduced workload in order to focus on your study.

3. Learning style

You have to think of your learning style.

Some of us just cannot study without attending a physical class. We need the chaos and face-to-face participation of the classmates.

Some of us can learn more from online MBA. We are the persons who read fast, and able to retain the information from online source. We prefer the quiet environment of home rather than the noisy environment in a campus.

4. Cost

The cost of online MBA varies. If you take up online MBA from top tier universities, you are going to pay a lot of money.

You need to consider the funding option. The best is to get the company to pay for your course. The second best is to get scholarship or bursary to pay in full or partially for the online MBA.

5. Resources of the college

You need to utilize the resources of the college offering online MBA. It is not enough to download the lesson and the notes.

You need to have access to various research tool, such as Lexis Nexus and the online library of the college.

This will save time and money for you when you need to do your coursework.

6. Students background

If you take up online MBA from a top tier college, you will find that the students come from all parts of the world.

You may be conversing with the presidential scholar in one country one day, and conversing with a top engineer in another country the next day.

It is important to check the students background of the online MBA. You want to mingle with students from different parts of the world. It is certainly impressive to study with future Presidents or Ministers.

An online MBA is a logical choice for anyone who aspires to the management role. If you are considering an online MBA, make sure you have the motivation, the time and money to complete it.