Are you giving away dollars for pennies and nickels?

Before you say no way, take a minute to look at the coins in your pocket, in your piggy bank or just lying around the house. Most people don’t realize the value of many coins in circulation. I’m not talking about ancient rare coins, but ones you may have stored away just because you didn’t want the hassle of carrying around coins.

What makes coins valuable?

Not all coins are equal in term of their value. Condition, historical significance, quality, rarity and beauty are some of the reasons collectors are willing to shell out big dollars. Most coins in circulation lack most of these qualities. No doubt you are familiar with bullion coins which are valued largely on the value of the gold or silver in them. With the soaring price of precious metals it is obvious why coin collectors seek these. However, you are not likely to find bullions in your piggy bank or purse.

I’m not interested in collecting coins

This article was not written to inspire you to start collecting rare bullions or exotic coins. My goal is simply to make you aware of the type of coins that may be found around the house or owned by an older parent or friend who love to save coins. It only takes a little time and it doesn’t cost you anything to start, just being conscious of these simply facts could be rewarding.

Some coins to get you started

Getting started is very easy. There are several good websites available with pictures and list of coins that are still in circulation, these coins are worth many times their face value. For instance did you realize that a Jefferson head nickel dated from 1942-45 could be worth $1.00-1.50 and Roosevelt silver dimes dated from 1946-1964 could be worth $1.50 – 2.00? And what about this a 1943 copper Lincoln penny worth $20,000.00 – 40,000.00. WOW!

Into today’s economy every little bit helps. Try this, rather than watching some boring rerun sitcom tonight, gather the kids or just you and look around the place for coins then do a quick search on the internet to find out the value of your pocket change. It doesn’t take a lot of time and could be very rewarding both monetarily and emotionally.

Many have been able to purchase gifts or can you make donations to charitable organizations. Go ahead and try it, what can you lose? Maybe $40,000.00 dollars.

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