Fixing your motorcycle is something you would rather do yourself than let some other unknown mechanic do. Maintaining your motorcycle yourself is a way to know more about your own bike, and you like doing the mechanics on it. Competing jobs in the bike workshop means your bike take longer to be fixed or maintained. Not going to be kept waiting for your bike unless it needs more parts.

Large touring motorcycles are heavy beasts. The fact is that it is much easier to work on if it is being supported properly. No more working on the bike while on your knees. Some of the more compact motorcycle lifts will still lift a decent size motorbike.

Safety First With Using a Motorcycle Lift Table when Working on Your Bike

Having the bike on a lift will make it safer. It is also less likely that the bike will fall over and get damaged while it is being worked on. Clamping the bike’s front wheel in a vice is one way it is secured. Also secure the bike more firmly to the table by the hooks fitted.

No difficulties taking the back wheel off when you can take the drop out section out of the way. There are tool trays for fitting to the sides of the lift to keep everything tidy. You can expect to pay about 750 to 950 dollars to get one of the Handy motorcycle Lift table models.

To move the table upward there is an electric motor or a hydraulic pump or with air from a compressor. With the air compressor you have to factor in having an air tank of a good size to work the lift. How much space you have in your garage will dictate your choice os table lift model.

Sharing a space with a car, why not store a compact lift in the car space if there is height clearance. In a small garage you may put the bike on it to park it each day.

In the long term having one of these lifts as part of  your tool arsenal could actually save you money considering the increasing cost of labour. Getting your hands dirty yourself and fixing what needs to be fixed can be very satisfying too. I have done work on the Kawasaki Ninja 650r and I wished I had one of these things. Instead of having to do all of the kneeling on the floor in front of it, like a praying monk.