So you think you are ready for an apple computer? Apple computers is no longer they microscopic computer company it once was. Everyone knows a little something about apple technology. Even if you don't own an apple computer you might have an Ipod, or an Ipad. If you are thinking about switching over this article is for you, and even if you aren't then you should still read this. There are a few things you need to consider when making the switch to apple computers.

The number one thing you need to ask yourself is what do I do on my computer, and will my mac do this. If all you do is surf the web, email friends, and get on facebook then a mac will be fine for you. However, there are some people that use their computer for actual work, an it is for those people I write this article. You need to make sure that the apple computer you want will either run your software, or run something similar that you will be able to use. That also means that if it runs something similar that it will do everything you need it to do. If you run an old version of a program that has wen through some updates then you need to make sure that it is compatible with your older files. Also realize that every program you paid for on your current computer that you want on your mac you will have to pay for again. Also, you will hear that windows will run on a mac, and it will but you need a separate copy of windows to be able to run it on a mac. That means you will have to buy a copy of windows to go with your mac. If you want to be able to run windows and mac osx at the same time you will have to buy another program to let you do that.

Finally if you are a gamer, and you love to play the latest PC games, then you honestly shouldn't buy a mac. Because if you are a huge game company are you going to build your game for the 95% of people who own a PC or the 5% that own a mac? Yes I know that some gamers use macs, but if it's a window only game they paid for a windows operating system either boot into boot camp or use another program to run it in mac. Also, on a mac the only way to upgrade the system is to buy a brand new one other than RAM or HD. Don't get me wrong I love my mac, but know what you are getting into before you buy it. I bought my mac because it is safer to surf, it works great for media editing, and I wanted to try it out. I'm not a mac or a PC guy I’m a computer guy. Computers are tools so get the right tool for the job.