Does argan morocan oil shampoo actually work? Argan oil has gained almost mythical status for its tremendous health and anti-aging powers. It's famously known as 'liquid gold' and the argan tree has been called the 'tree of life'.

Argan oil used to be a well kept secret by the women of the Amazigh tribe (from Morocco and other areas in Northern Africa). It was used to treat skin conditions, improve scars such as acne or chicken pox scars, as a deep moisturizer and to improve the health of the skin and therefore reduce the aging process. The all around argan oil benefits come from its high levels of Vitamin E, saponins (which naturally soften the skin), Vitamin F, Omega-6 and essential fatty acids.

The argan tree only grows in Morocco and the oil is time consuming and difficult to extract, so 100% pure organic argan oil can be expensive.

So cut to the chase, does morocan oil shampoo actually work? It works really well if you have hard, tough hair or frizzy, out of control curls that you would like to soften. Argan hair oil especially popular with African American women for that reason. However, if you already have whispy, soft hair, this might not be the product for you - instead you need a hair strengthener and thicker, not something that will make it even softer. Argan Morocan Oil Shampoo adds shine, softness and glow to your hair. It will reduce frizz and make curls more soft and flowing rather than out of control and badly textured. Use the argan oil hair treatment in conjunction with the moroccan oil conditioner for best results. Try it for 3 months instead of your normal shampoo to see if it works for you.

If your hair gets more frizzy on humid days or during the warmer summer months, you can spray a little more argan oil finishing spray treatment just to tame those curls.

If you want to use argan oil for your body as well, instead of buying the morrocan oil shampoo, simply buy a pure, organic version of the oil and use that for your hair, body, nails and face. It absorbs well into your skin, though it's tougher to get out of the bottle than other oils you might be used to.

You can buy Argan Oil shampoo online, at selected hair salons and other specialist retailers.

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