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Argan oil has been a well respected beauty product for many years in Europe, the Mediterranean countries and more recently has been receiving attention in the U.S. As with any beauty product there have been many claims of it's potential. Fortunately it does not seem to be receiving all the outlandish claims that so many other products receive.

Two of it's primary claims are it's ability to maintain scalp and skin health by helping dry, itchy, blotchy skin and relieving eczema and psoriasis when used as a daily moisturizer and smoothing and conditioning product. Others have used it to treat scars left by acne. Additionally it has received praises for it's supposed ability to promote soft, shiny healthy hair.

Argan oil  can also be used as treatment for nails. Soaking nails in Argan oil is touted as a means of strengthening nails and curing dryness.

One further claim is that it will help to prevent stretch marks.

All in all this seed oil seems to posses a fairly wide range of beneficial properties. The important question is, “Will Argan oil work for you”? The individual human body does not react exactly the same to a treatment. What appears to be a wonder cure for one person might be a complete waste of time for another.

May Not Fulfill All Of Your Expectations

Additionally while it may do wonders for you hair it may not improve your skin condition. This may still make it a beneficial product to be used by you. The only way to know for sure whether the oil will benefit you is to actually try it.

This seems like a simple answer until you began a search for a good source of Argan seed oil. There are many producers and not all of them produce the same product. Some oils will be processed with additives to change the color or scent  or to make it thinner or thicker.


You will find products listed such as:

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  • Argan oil benefits
    • Organix moroccan oil
    • Argan oil for hair
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    • All-natural argan oil

    If you are just beginning to experiment with the oil or have tried some brand in the past and not been satisfied then what would be the best way to determine if the product will work for you.? You will additionally want to purchase the best oil your budget will allow.

    Be Sure To Research Before Making A Purchase Decision

    We suggest that one of the best methods is to review the customer comments left by previous customers on Amazon. These reviews are all nicely rated with a star system with 5 stars being the highest compliment possible. All the reviews are listed and we like to start by finding the most popular Argan oil products and start our review by reading the lowest rated reviews first.

    In this way we can quickly get a feel for the types of complaints customers are registering. Keeping in mind that there is almost no product whose properties will receive a perfect score, the relationship of negative 1 star to 4 and 5 star comments will quickly illustrate products that may not be all they claim to be.

    The first thing we noticed was that the highest praised products appeared to be the Argan oils that are certified as, “Cold Pressed Virgin Organic Certified By Ecocert”.  Ecocert is a certification body that develops standards for “natural and organic cosmetics”.

    The best natural oil is believed to be produced by a woman's organization in Morocco that take great care in harvesting the nut from the argan tree and in  the extraction and production of all-natural argan oil. Cold press extraction is used in the extraction of argan to produce a lightweight oil that is claimed to have high rates of absorption and to be less greasy than other oils. These features soften the skin and are claimed to reduce fine lines of aging without clogging pores. As mentioned earlier you will only know for sure how beneficial the properties of any product will be is by using it your self.

    Examples  Of The Top Rated Products

    Three of the highest rated products at Amazon are listed below. You will notice that they are all economically priced with one as low as $9.25 at the time of this writing which is a substantial savings from the regular price of $24.99.

    These low prices and Amazons guarantee of satisfaction make this the best place to began your investigation trial of the Argan oil product.

    Golden Argan Oil ® 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Organic Certified By Ecocert -1oz(30ml)

    45Golden Argan OilCredit: Amazon customer reviews
    Price:  $24.99
    Sale:  $9.25
    You Save:  $15.74 (63%)



     Golden Argan Oil ® 100% Pure Certified Organic By Ecocert -4oz(120ml)

    18 cGolden Argan Oil ® 100% Pure Certified Organic By EcocertCredit: Amazonustomer reviews
    Price:  $44.99
    Sale:  $26.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. Details
    You Save:  $18.00 (40%)



    ELMA&SANA®Golden Argan Oil 100 % Cold Pressed Virgin Organic Certified By Ecocert-2oz(60ml)

    ELMA&SANA®Golden Argan OilCredit: Amazon19 customer reviews
    Price:  $34.99
    Sale:  $16.99
    You Save:  $18.00 (51%)


    After reviewing the available Argan oil products, choose the one that seems to best answer your needs and give the treatment an honest trial. As we mentioned earlier these are lofty claims but previous customers seem to agree that this cosmetic oil indeed is a worthy product. To began your review simply Click Here.